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  • Athens Land Trust, Available Home

    This three-bedroom, two-bath home is available through the ALT first-time homebuyer program and is located in Athens, Ga.   See the Image

  • Athens Land Trust, Kitchen

    Published 10/18/13 in People
    Athens Land Trust, Kitchen

    All of the available homes are renovated to be energy efficient.    See the Image

  • Athens Land Trust, Living Room

    This ALT home has hardwood flooring and brand-new light fixtures throughout.    See the Image

  • Athens Land Trust, Kitchen Detail

    This home is available for the purchase price of $95,000 to a qualified first-time homebuyer.    See the Image

  • Athens Land Trust, 315 Bray Street

    This property is scheduled to be available in 2014 through ALT's first-time homebuyer program with an anticipated price of $90,000.    See the Image

  • Athens Land Trust, Under Contract

    This home represents the type of structures being built exclusively for ALT homebuyers.    See the Image

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  • Blue Ridge, Georgia: $300,000

    This week we've toured the country to select four homes with eye-catching design and attractive price tags. From spectacular mountain vistas to open floor plans for entertaining, these homes have…   Read the Blog

  • Blue Ridge, Georgia: $300,000

    Browse pictures of homes for sale and check out what you can get for $300,000.   See the Gallery

  • Price Reduced (Finally! Hurray!)

    The San Francisco Bay Area has a long history of being crazy expensive. Heck, guards at Alcatraz, which closed in the 1930s, opted to live on residences on the Rock because the rent was cheaper than…   Read the Article

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