• Sunset Drive Midcentury Modern: Small Bath

    New modern fixtures complement the home's original midcentury details.    See the Image

  • Sunset Drive Midcentury Modern: Outdoors

    The neighborhood boasts many green spaces and is perfect for those who enjoy being outdoors.    See the Image

  • Sunset Drive Midcentury Modern: Stone Path

    Snowball hydrangeas surround a romantic stone path.    See the Image

  • Eighth Note Pool With Waterfall

    Los Angeles homeowners are notorious for customizing their property in very personal ways, but we’ve all heard there’s a fine line between what will help, and what will hinder a future sale. For…   Read the Article

  • Eighth Note Pool With Waterfall

    Do think this this musically shaped pool would hit a sour note with Los Angeles homebuyers, or would it make the sale sing?    See the Image

  • Street View of House With Eighth Note Pool in Back

    From the street, this looks like an average home, and in most markets it wouldn't appear to be in the million-dollar range. But the pool shaped like an eighth note just might affect the value ... one…   See the Image

  • Eighth Note Pool With Spa

    Published 07/09/13 in Houses
    Eighth Note Pool With Spa

    Although there is a spa, waterfall and a small deck area, it's obvious that this small pool shaped like an eighth note pretty much dominates the backyard.    See the Image

  • Richard Jannone's Los Angeles House

    How crazy is the Los Angeles real estate market? Recently Richard Jannone found out, and his head is still spinning. After doing hundreds of episodes of shows like Desperate Housewives, C.S.I.…   Read the Article

  • Actor Jannone's  Hot Selling House

    Richard Jannone put this three-bedroom home on the market one afternoon, and it sold the very next day for the full $1.25 million asking price. The real estate market in certain parts of L.A. is that…   See the Gallery

  • On the Street Where Jannone Lived

    Jannone's house (shown bottom right) is located on what is generally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful streets in the San Fernando Valley. This was also a major selling point.   See the Image