• Brentwood Park Study/Office/Libray

    Even though there are his-and-hers offices upstairs in the master suite, there's a formal area downstairs that can be used for business or for pleasure.   See the Image

  • Georgia Waterfront Steal, Attic

    A portion of the well-lit attic was refinished and used as an office and a playroom for the owner's grandchildren.    See the Image

  • Sleek and Unique Modern on Atlanta Market, Office

    The office features a smartly designed work space with a built-in desk.    See the Image

  • Let's not hold back: That honey-colored leather is a showstopper. Note the brass riveting detail (on the chair, too). If you buy and decide on the furnished option, make sure you get to keep them…   See the Image

  • This home office is actually two connected rooms billed as "his" and "hers" spaces. This is the guy's office, and it's the bigger of the two. It's alluring with metal and black…   See the Image

  • Office: Cape Cod Cottage in West Hartford, Conn.

    A cheerful space to conduct business.   See the Image

  • Office Decor: Cape Cod Cottage in West Hartford, Conn.

    Pops of color and pattern energize the office.   See the Image

  • John Smoltz, Home Office

    Published 08/26/13 in Houses
    John Smoltz, Home Office

    The home features a large home office with custom woodwork and loads of natural light.    See the Image

  • Taylor Swift’s Childhood Home in Reading, Pa.

    According to the listing, Taylor Swift played her guitar in this bright study, complete with a fireplace. The country music star lived in this gorgeously restored Classical revival home for 10 years…   See the Image