• B.D. Wong's East Village Duplex: Office

    The guest bedroom also functions as an office, with a door leading to the private garden. Wong stores some of his knick-knack collections in this beautiful wall unit.   See the Image

  • Oliver Stone's West Village Condo: Office

    Stone converted the second bedroom into an office. The desk overlooks the Hudson River. "I grew up on the East River, and I like the feel of a river," Stone told Architectural Digest.   See the Image

  • Top Level: It's almost too pretty to get any real work done. As if that's not temptation enough, this huge wood-paneled study (it runs the entire length of this area) has a terrace where you can…   See the Image

  • “Now more than ever, people are working from home and they need a space that provides inspiration but allows them to concentrate. This client came to us because she had a hard time keeping her home…   See the Image

  • Palm Springs Modernism Week: Super Swinging Desk

    What could be more perfect for the midcentury modern office than this gorgeous Samson Berman Desk from Loft Thirteen, on Display at the Palm Springs Modernism Show and Sale.   See the Image

  • Kourtney Kardashian's Library/Office

    Something tells us the color-coordinated books are more for show than study in this black-and-white themed home office/library shared by Kourtney Kardashian and Scot Disick.   See the Image

  • New Study/Office for Ellen DeGeneres

    This office/study is part of the second floor-spanning master suite in the Brody House, recently purchased by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.   See the Image

  • Kelly Osbourne's Los Angeles Home: Office

    Nestled next to the den, the simplistic home office space does not lack inspiring views as it leads outdoors to a beautiful patio.   See the Image

  • David Chu NYC Townhouse

    Published 02/06/14 in Houses
    David Chu NYC Townhouse

    Nautica founder David Chu recently sold this historic townhouse in the Flatiron District. The handsome six-story home is a sprawling 19,800 square feet, including a ground-floor gallery space and…   See the Image

  • Khloe Kardashian's California Home: Office

    The home office with custom built-ins and a tray ceiling, adorned with a sparkling chandelier, carry an elegant style from the inside out, opening to a lush outdoor patio.   See the Image