• Tudor-Style Facade

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    A cookie-cutter mid-century home gets a Tudor-style facade remodel.   Watch the Video

  • Entryway Design Tips

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    John Gidding has tips on using potted plants to create an appealing entry.   Watch the Video

  • John Gidding shares tips on foundation planting to improve a home's facade.   Watch the Video

  • Spanish-Style Work of Art

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    Spanish-style tilework and handcrafted details turn this home into a jewel.   Watch the Video

  • A revamped front porch included adding columns and new improved steps.   Watch the Video

  • Cottage-Style Makeover

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    John takes a cottage-style home from plain and boring to cute and quaint.   Watch the Video

  • Modern Facade Makeover

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    John gives this young couple a sleek, modern home facade with personality.   Watch the Video

  • The first step in this bungalow redo: get rid of the '60s van out front.   Watch the Video

  • 1950s Ranch Home Facelift

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    John uses some of his best tricks to give this 1950s rancher curb appeal.   Watch the Video

  • The curb appeal team gives a Spanish colonial entry a historical makeover.   Watch the Video