• Okay, we admit this is a bit wonky on the tech side. But bear with us because this next generation robot will make you a believer. The Home Exploring Robot Butler, or HERB, is developed by the…   See the Image

  • We got security handled with this little guy. The Avatar III from Robotex is a roaming home robot that will check out something disruptive in the environment. You can leave them dormant and activate…   See the Image

  • Here's how it works: You place the contraption under your bed sheets and it goes to work tracking and logging your sleep patterns, whether you're cranking up the snores, fluctuations in your heart…   See the Image

  • The problem with having so many smart home devices and robots is there's no central hub, or control unit. But Revolv's line of home connectivity units does just that. Imagine the entire control panel…   See the Image

  • This is Dacor's Discovery iQ Dual-Fuel Range stove. It made big headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas as the first range you can control, remotely, via an Android tablet wireless…   See the Image

  • Organizing Tips From a Pro

    Published 12/31/13 in People
    Organization Tips From a Pro, Closet

    Have you ever dreamt that elves snuck into your home in the middle of the night and organized your storage? In the morning, however, your cabinets and closets were in the same nightmarish condition…   Read the Article

  • Kristi Schneider, Founder Atlanta's TruOrder

    As a child, Schneider organized her mother's groceries in the cart and now regularly donates gently used items to charity.    See the Image

  • Organization Tips From a Pro, Closet

    Kristi Schneider founded Atlanta's TruOrder over ten years ago partly based on principles she learned as a teacher at the Montessori School.    See the Image

  • A Popular DIY for HELCO Project: How to Install Crown Molding

    We're at the numbers board again. Unlike the northerly trend in home values reported over the last several years -- we can agree it's a rebound, even with the necessary corrections, yes? -- this is…   Read the Article

  • #1 Minor Bathroom RemodelAverage return at resale: 102 percentIt costs about $10,500 to replace the tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. You’ll get back an average of $10,700…   Read the Article