• Craftsman Curb Appeal: Color Before

    Jenelle Isaacson, owner of Living Room Realty, a real estate firm specializing in Portland's urban neighborhoods, came up with an amazing way to transform, update and add to the value of this…   See the Image

  • Craftsman Curb Appeal: Color After

    Jenelle Isaacson of Living Room Realty played up the architectural details of this home's trim by playing down the body color of the home. She found the perfect dark grey for the base that worked…   See the Image

  • Craftsman Curb Appeal: Consider Your Environment

    Even the guest cottages in the waterside community of River Dunes, near New Bern, NC, use high-tech, low maintenance AZEK materials, whereas traditional Craftsman style buildings have used wood for…   See the Image

  • It’s geek-love-at-first-sight, or “Hello. I’m here,” in the case of Spike Jonze’s Her, as Joaquin Phoenix falls for the voluptuous voice of Scarlett Johansson’s “Samantha,” the first…   Read the Blog

  • iRobot Roomba

    Published 01/17/14 in Houses

    We just had to include this floor cleaning robot, the Roomba from iRobot. You've seen them gliding from baseboard, around sofas (and under), sensing its way among changing floorings. This robot…   See the Image

  • These home robots handle tasks from security patrol to remote cooking.   See the Gallery

  • Linda Bots, another serious batch of next gen mobile robots or "Strands" from the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. These babies absorb and integrate shapes in their…   See the Image

  • Okay, we admit this is a bit wonky on the tech side. But bear with us because this next generation robot will make you a believer. The Home Exploring Robot Butler, or HERB, is developed by the…   See the Image

  • We got security handled with this little guy. The Avatar III from Robotex is a roaming home robot that will check out something disruptive in the environment. You can leave them dormant and activate…   See the Image

  • Here's how it works: You place the contraption under your bed sheets and it goes to work tracking and logging your sleep patterns, whether you're cranking up the snores, fluctuations in your heart…   See the Image