• Before: Hillside Hovel

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: Hillside Hovel

    This home's monochromatic color scheme and dingy porch area made it look dated and tattered. Designer John Gidding was determined to add color and splendor to match the home's stunning hillside…   See the Image

  • After: Modern Marvel

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Modern Marvel

    John Gidding added a complete new facade with wood slat details to modernize the home exterior. A bright blue front door makes the entryway pop to separate it from the large, functional front porch…   See the Image

  • Before: Bright Blunder

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: Bright Blunder

    More color isn't always the key to beautiful curb appeal. Commonly known as the "lemon house," this bright yellow home was certainly an eyesore. The only lemon that designer John Gidding…   See the Image

  • After: Craftsman Keeper

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Craftsman Keeper

    This home is full of Craftsman charm with the addition of cedar shaker shingles and new color definition. John Gidding even enlisted the homeowner's help in crafting the new metal railing, which adds…   See the Image

  • Before: Alameda Eyesore

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: Alameda, CA

    While the town of Alameda, Calif., is known for its historic Victorian homes, this is one house they aren't proud to show off. The dirty exterior and skimpy stair railing makes this home appear…   See the Image

  • After: Victorian Gem

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Alameda, CA

    An array of bold colors and detailed trim work emphasize the home's Victorian style. The contrasting bright white trim and sturdy wooden stair railing also help restore this home to its original…   See the Image

  • Before: Juniper Jungle

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: Juniper Jungle

    Juniper plant overgrowth and a steep, small front staircase create a dysfunctional front yard at this California home.   See the Image

  • After: Tidy Turnaround

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Tidy Turnaround

    After installing multiple retaining walls, HGTV's Curb Appeal team created a colorfully landscaped front yard accented by flower boxes beneath the front window and a bright red front door with a…   See the Image

  • Before: Bare Bones

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: Bare Bones

    This Spanish Colonial home was not lacking character, but it definitely fell short on charm. The plastic exterior lighting and absence of color were clearly not making good use of the home's strong…   See the Image

  • After: Blooming Abode

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Blooming Abode

    Painting the house multiple colors creates an intriguing lighting effect while emphasizing the home's original Spanish style. Additional seating framing the large window and chevron tile accents…   See the Image