• Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Alternative Balconies and Trim

    Matt Anderson, owner of Anderson Framing & Remodeling in East Sandwich, Mass., used AZEK Trim and Mouldings, made of cellular PVC, as a low-maintenance replacement for wood or wrought iron,…   See the Image

  • Color-Blocked Pom-Pom Wreath

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  • Contractor Skip Bedell in Catch a Contractor

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  • Southern Architecture Curb Appeal, Rosedown Plantation

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  • Southern Architecture Curb Appeal, New Orleans

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  • Pretty Porch

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  • Southern Architecture Curb Appeal, Rosedown Plantation

    Located in Southern Louisiana, this Federal-Greek revival-style plantation home was built around 1845. It sits at the end of a 660-foot avenue of live oak trees covered in Spanish moss.    See the Image

  • Southern Architecture Curb Appeal, Natchez

    Natchez, Miss., is known for its historic homes that pre-date the Civil War. This home sits on six immaculate acres, and also has a fountain and other tasteful yard ornaments. Keeping a lawn trimmed…   See the Image

  • Southern Architecture Curb Appeal, Charleston Before

    This Charleston home was severely lacking in curb appeal before Morris Architecture/Morris Construction came into the picture.    See the Image