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Midwinter Mini Fixes: A Welcoming Front Porch
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Shower Floor
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Old Tub Looks New Again
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Quick Tub Refinish
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Vanity Area Facelift
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Kitchen Cabinets Before
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Kitchen After
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Fireplace Before
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Fireplace After
Midwinter Mini Fixes: Guest Room Curtains After
  • Midwinter Mini Fixes: Kitchen After

    What a difference a day makes! See how you can promptly perk up your home quickly to take full advantage of the most wonderful selling season.   See the Gallery

  • Midwinter Mini Fixes: Guest Room Curtains Before

    Fresh new curtains are the easiest way to visually heighten a ceiling or liven up an uninspiring guest bedroom with heavy or dated drapes.   See the Image

  • Best of Dwell on Design 2014: Airsteam2Go Interior

    Unless you live in a hand-dug hole in the ground, you can’t help but be fascinated by Dwell on Design LA, the largest design event in the U.S. This year, the three-day international celebration of…   Read the Blog

  • From hosting HGTV's Splurge and Save, to appearing on shows like DIY Network's The Vanilla Ice Project and HGTV's Save My Bath, Krista Watterworth is a television…   Read the Blog

  • Curb Appeal Month Roundup

    Published 03/31/14 in Houses
    After: Cleaned-up Craftsman

    In many parts of the country, temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming and spring is officially in the air. You know what that means: time to clean your home’s dingy siding, or maybe add some…   Read the Blog

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Warm Colors

    While you once found Mediterranean architecture only in the sun-drenched states claimed by conquistadores long ago, the style has become so popular that you can now find it coast to coast.…   Read the Blog

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Warm Colors

    Browse photos of Mediterranean-style homes with impeccable curb appeal, plus get expert tips for sprucing up your own Mediterranean home’s landscaping and exterior.   See the Gallery

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal: Arresting Arches

    “Too often, we see homeowners have chosen a color matching the home’s stucco for columns and arches," say the experts at The Plan Collection. "That is playing it safe, but at the price of…   See the Image

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Pop Up the Pillars

    The experts at The Plan Collection ask, "Since most Mediterranean-style homes have arch motifs, columns or both as part of their architectural design, why not highlight them?"…   See the Image

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Fountains

    “If you don't have a view of water, you might want to include some sort of fountain or pond 
to embrace this element that is so important in Mediterranean style,” suggest the Phantom Screen…   See the Image