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Mediterranean Curb Appeal: Arresting Arches
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Pop Up the Pillars
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Fountains
Mediterranean Curb Appeal: "Phantom" Screens
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Colorful, Drought Resistant Plants
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Colorful Plants
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Lighter, Brighter Look
Mediterranean Curb Appeal: Gated Entry
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Keep it Clean
Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Low Walls
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  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Warm Colors

    While you once found Mediterranean architecture only in the sun-drenched states claimed by conquistadores long ago, the style has become so popular that you can now find it coast to coast.…   Read the Blog

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Warm Colors

    Browse photos of Mediterranean-style homes with impeccable curb appeal, plus get expert tips for sprucing up your own Mediterranean home’s landscaping and exterior.   See the Gallery

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Warm Colors

    The experts at BEHR paints suggest, “Colors that work well for Mediterranean style stucco homes vary from white to warm gray to rich tones of light gold and brick."   See the Image

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Wrought Iron Upkeep

    Improving Mediterranean curb appeal involves attending to wrought iron balconies, gates and fixtures with a fresh eye, and perhaps repainting with a product like Behr’s Alkyd Semi Gloss Enamel,…   See the Image

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Small Home Savvy

    Smaller Mediterranean-style homes look warm and inviting with authentic use of color on the exterior, tiles and flower pots.   See the Image

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Earthy Palettes

    “Warm weather and earthy palettes echo hues of the white sands, sea, sky, cypress, olive trees and rocky cliffs," says Andie Day of lifestyle concierge service Shift Legacy.    See the Image

  • Mediterranean Curb Appeal 101: Planter Appeal

    Andie Day of Shift Legacy notes that in homes with little real estate in front, planters by the door and in front of the windows can give a feeling of “lush gardens.”   See the Image