• Where Celebrities Get in Shape

    Published 01/02/14

    When you get a look at their home gyms, it’s no surprise how celebrities stay so fit – I mean, when you’ve got a boxing ring, a Pilates studios or a sauna in your own house, it’s pretty easy to…   Read the Blog

  • 9 Celebrity Home Gyms

    Published 12/29/13 in Celebrity
    Mark Wahlberg's Beverly Hills Home: Gym

    Thanks to their well-equipped home fitness areas, these celebrities shouldn't have any trouble sticking with their New Year's resolutions. Check out nine home-gym spaces where the stars get in shape.   See the Gallery

  • Howland Canal Gym/Workout Room

    A gym/workout room with a ballet barre could satisfy just about everyone in the family.   See the Image

  • Mark Wahlberg Sport Court and Famous Gym

    You can bet that Wahlberg will especially miss his giant sport court and 2,500-square-foot detached gym, complete with a full-size boxing ring. That’s where he trained for the film, The Fighter,…   See the Image

  • Check out the views from the gym — where residents can work on their fitness while drinking in the serenity of Biscayne Bay.   See the Image

  • Stanley Tucci's Historic Country Estate: Gym

    A private indoor home gym is luxury all the way.   See the Image

  • Tom Glavine's Exercise Room

    The home features a large exercise room with a custom ventilation system.    See the Image

  • Carlyle Gym

    Published 08/13/13 in Houses
    Carlyle Gym

    Carlyle residents have use of this expansive and fully equipped fitness center designed by Sports Club/LA, with a yoga/stretch area. Outside the windows is a landscaped pool and spa…   See the Image

  • Dwell on Design's Best: MultiTable.com Treadmill Desk

    For those of us who are tired of sitting at a desk all day, try standing, running or walking while you work with MultiTable's adjustable Treadmill desk. Notice the treadmill control unit on the…   See the Image

  • 77 12th Street's State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

    Since you’ll be hanging out at the pool all summer long, better spend some time in the world-class gym as well.    See the Image