• Santa Hat Bottle Toppers

    Published 12/19/13 in People
    Santa Hat Bottle Toppers

    Take a square of red felt, fold into a cone, glue and trim bottom even. Glue cotton balls around edge, saving one for the top, and voila! You have a Santa Hat that festively fits over a bottle of…   See the Image

  • Wrapping Paper Trees

    Published 12/19/13 in People
    Wrapping Paper Trees

    So simple: Make a cone of construction paper, cover it with your favorite wrapping paper, cut the bottom so it's easy and sits on a table and voila! You have chic and colorful homemade decorations.…   See the Image

  • Jessie Jane's Peppermint Plate

    Perfect for holding Santa's cookies, these peppermint plates involve little more than arranging Starlight mints in a silicone baking mold and baking in a preheated 350-degree oven for 8 minutes. See…   See the Image

  • Recycled Mitten Garland

    Published 12/19/13 in People
    Recycled Mitten Garland

    These mittens can be quickly cut from old shirts, pajamas, towels, sweaters, etc., embellished and strung on a piece of yarn. See LilyShop.com for specific details.   See the Image

  • Super Quick and Easy Foil Glitter Trees

    Basically, all you need is a cardboard cone, foil glitter and spray adhesive. Hold the cone up in the air, spray half of it with adhesive, set it down on newspaper and quickly pour on the glitter.…   See the Image

  • Clever Cranberry Centerpiece

    Add some extra color to your flowers or greens by floating cranberries in the vase. Don’t have fresh flowers or greens? Take a clear glass vase, pour in Epsom salt or small marshmallows to look like…   See the Image

  • Gingerbread House at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

    Gingerbread House at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa   See the Image

  • Use Different Shades of Holiday Color

    Whether your home is comfy traditional or modern chic, decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be a dreaded, daunting chore, and it shouldn't cost the lion's share of your holiday budget.…   Read the Article

  • HGTV Holiday House 2013

    Published 12/18/13 in Houses

    See how designers have created a rustic, wintry escape full of holiday decor you can try, too.   See the Gallery

  • Use Different Shades of Holiday Color

    Delete the doubt from your holiday design by applying this advice from some of the best designers in Los Angeles.   See the Gallery