• Cleverly Designed for Portion Control

    The European design is fabulous, but also functional by helping you portion your meal correctly. You get pretty much all the nutrients you need if you fill half a 9-inch plate with veggies,…   See the Image

  • Lose Weight With This Plate

    There's a subtle weight loss device at work in this festive holiday setting. Slim & Sage plates are nine inches wide, compared to standard 12-inch plates, and the design eases healthy portion…   See the Image

  • No Sacrifice of Style Necessary

    Your eyes hardly notice that these plates are smaller when they're attractively set on the table, but your waistline will soon notice that you're eating less. Studies have shown that people continue…   See the Image

  • A Refined Way to Beat the Battle of the Bulge

    By using smaller plates like these from Slim & Sage, and exercising portion control, you can avoid the trap that most Americans fall into: exceeding the FDA’s serving size guidelines by 200…   See the Image

  • Slim and Sage 1 blue plate

    Published 12/02/13 in Houses

    This calorie reduction that comes from substituting a 9-inch plate for a 12-inch plate could translate to roughly 14-18 pounds over three months, if the plate is used two meals per day -- and that's…   See the Image

  • Copper Gutter Centerpiece

    Copper Gutter CenterpieceThis long, low, dramatic centerpiece is filled with hearty succulents and ferns, so it can last the entire holiday season. Get step-by-step instructions for this project…   Read the Blog

  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights, Woods

    The installation uses the brilliant foliage and trees throughout the garden as its backdrop.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights, Twinkle

    This part of the tour is called the twinkling terrace.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights, Tree

    While the display isn't necessarily Christmas-themed there is a grand old fir made of lights.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights, S'mores

    S'Mores Kits are available for roasting over a fire pit located on the Twinkling Terrace.    See the Image