• Food and Drink BEST PLACES TO BUY GROCERIES Cosentino's 2666 S. Bascom Ave. and 5667 Silver Creek Valley Rd., A homegrown, two-store chain with terrific fresh produce. Zanotto's Downtown…   Read the Article

  • GETTING AROUND Get to know these local places and roads to find your way around San Jose.The Hill. Highway 17 winds its way up over the Santa Cruz mountains and down to the coast -- and Santa Cruz…   Read the Article

  • The city just up the road might have cable cars, stunning views of the Pacific and the Bay and a certain bridge, but San Jose proudly claims a handful of attractions, too. Only in San Jose will you…   Read the Article

  • The very name Silicon Valley is a reference to a key material used to manufacture semiconductor chips. That’s a strong clue that technology defines San Jose, which proudly proclaims itself the…   Read the Article

  • Population: 4.5 million (metropolitan statistical area) USDA Hardiness Zone: 6 Major airport: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Companies with a Major Presence: Ford Motor Co., General…   Read the Article

  • EAST Flagship Neighborhood: Grosse Pointe When Henry Ford’s son Edsel wanted a home of his own, Dad hired architect Albert Kahn to build him a St. Clair lakefront, 60-room “cottage” in Grosse…   Read the Article

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    Food and Drink Essentials WHERE TO BUY GROCERIES Meijer Numerous locations This Michigan-based chain of regional superstores has beautiful produce, decent baked goods and unbeatable prices. The…   Read the Article

  • GEOGRAPHY Are you an East Sider or a West Sider? Stake your claim. Woodward Avenue divides the city of Detroit. East Siders live east of Woodward and West Siders live west of it. It started as a…   Read the Article

  • The automotive industry is the engine that makes the Motor City run. Detroit is the automotive center of the world and the ultimate company town; Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are the dominant…   Read the Article

  • Everyone knows Detroit went boom on the strength of its automotive industry. But long before Henry Ford’s factories were turning Midwestern steel into Model Ts, Detroit’s economic value came from its…   Read the Article