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View: Gavin Maloof’s Las Vegas Home
Perfect Walking Dead Mansion Richmond Hill Georgia
  • At Home With Gavin Maloof

    Published 04/17/14 in People

    Uber-successful Las Vegas businessman Gavin Maloof, vice chairman of Maloof Companies, is one industrious man. The former co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and The Palms Casino, he and his family…   Read the Blog

  • Home Exterior: Gavin Maloof’s Las Vegas Home

    The vice chairman of Maloof Companies and former Sacramento Kings owner tells us about his favorite spaces inside his 13,000-square-foot Las Vegas mansion.   See the Gallery

  • Michael Jordan Florida Lead Image

    The former Chicago Bulls star plans on building an addition to his home located in The Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla. The renovation will connect the main house to a cottage in the back of his $25…   Read the Blog

  • NBA living legend Michael Jordan resides in a luxurious community called The Bears Club in Jupiter, Fla. The exclusive neighborhood is centered around a sprawling golf course and was designed by Jack…   See the Gallery

  • Where does Michael Jordan hang out after a game of golf? No doubt the massive headquarters in his neighborhood at The Bear's Club, which spans more than 64,000 square feet on two levels. Jack and…   See the Image

  • Here's an aerial view of Michael Jordan's sprawling Jupiter mansion located in the Jack Nicklaus designed golf community called The Bear's Club.   See the Image

  • BelHome Pool Befitting a Country Club

    There are hundreds of multimillion dollar mansions in Bel Air, one more luxurious than the next, so what makes this home so special, and merit a $20 million price tag? Think back to the first…   Read the Article

  • BelHome Pool Befitting a Country Club

    While residents of this Bel Air mansion have a pool and golf course view from their balcony and veranda, a raised terrace, fence and greenery keep the golfers from peeking in.   See the Image

  • Country Club Living in Bel Air

    See why posh properties like this are so rare and go up for sale only about once every generation, it that.   See the Gallery

  • Tropical Paradise in L.A.

    Published 12/03/13 in Houses
    Tropical Paradise in L.A.

    Bel Air Canyon actually has its own humid micro climate, with a more tropical feel than other arid parts of Los Angeles. This is one of many reasons real estate, like this country club adjacent…   See the Image