• Hugo França designed this bench out of solid pequi wood. All of França's designs are made for actual use.   See the Image

  • Sixteen of Franças pieces, including "Popanone" and "Ararauna" are exhibited at Fairchild Garden from Dec. 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014.   See the Image

  • Also designed of pequi wood, this lounge chair is both whimsical and functional.   See the Image

  • Pictured here with the "Mene" piece, the "Guaraci" chaise lounge is made of pequi wood and woven leather.   See the Image

  • Machacos: Hugo França Designs

    Published 12/05/13 in People

    Pictured here amidst the lush backdrop of the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the "Machacos" piece features a unique texture, color and shape.   See the Image

  • Guaraci: Hugo França Designs

    Published 12/05/13 in People

    Instead of masking the natural quality of the materials, Hugo França accentuates it. The pieces are organic and show a true appreciation and understanding of nature.   See the Image

  • Babitonga: Hugo França Designs

    Published 12/05/13 in People

    There's a harmonious quality to Franças work -- it fits seamlessly with the natural environment,   See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, No Soil

    Imagine you’re south of Atlanta standing in the middle a vacant lot of red clay -- barren soil where surely nothing can grow. You’re looking for a produce farm called PodPonics but all you see are…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Hydroponic Lettuce

    PodPonics produces many different types of lettuce such as arugula and red oak as well as micro-greens.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Urban Farming, Shipping Containers

    PodPonics started with eight shipping containers in a gritty section of Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward.    See the Image