A Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

Why You Should Use an Agent

There's no need to go it alone! A real estate agent can help guide you through the home-buying process.

After: A Little Love and Landscaping

4 Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Rule number one? Don't get more than you can afford. Instead, keep your payments manageable.

Advice for First-Time Homebuyers

  • Now's the time to get your service providers in the loop. Changing your address before you skip town can prevent major hassles like past-due bills, service lapses, and even identity theft. Keep an…   Read the Article

  • Start packing. It's never too early! Rule of thumb: If you haven't used it in a month, chances are you won't need it before you move. Safe bets include holiday decorations, last season's clothes,…   Read the Article

  • Figure out how you're getting your car from here to there. If you'll be flying, arrange to have it shipped. If you need to tow it behind your rental truck, let the company know in advance. Switch to…   Read the Article

  • No move is completely hassle-free, but certain circumstances bring their own logistical snags. Here's how to simplify the process. Moving Internationally Contact the consulate or embassy of your…   Read the Article

  • So you've made the decision to pack up and put down your roots in a new place. Maybe you've found a better apartment across town or a dream job across the country. Maybe you're buying your first home…   Read the Article

  • You may not be an electrician, but you can flip a switch. During your home tours, make sure all the switches and outlets function properly. Flickering lights, circuits that don't work, and warm …   Read the Article

  • What to Tip the Movers If you are being moved state-to-state, tipping etiquette is 10% of your total bill. If you are being moved within the state, $10-$20 per mover is adequate. If you are moving…   Read the Article

  • Below is a partial list of items that should not be shipped. Bleach House paints Open containers of liquid Propane tanks or cans Gas or oils Butane Ammunition Open alcohol containers Open…   Read the Article

  • Not everyone who is in the market for a home has a savings account that's bursting at the seams. Whether you're young or just financially strapped, these agencies offer good alternatives to…   Read the Article

  • Make your co-buyer go through the credit makeover process to maximize her score, too, then consult with your mortgage professional. Even if your score is below 580, you might not need to wait if your…   Read the Article

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