How to Finance

Figure Out Your Financial Strategy

Start by asking yourself: How long do I plan to live in the house I buy?

Types of Mortgages

Do you know the difference between an FRM and an ARM? Get a crash course on mortgage products.

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  • Whether or not to pay points is really just a matter of figuring out (a) whether you can afford to pay one-percent of the mortgage amount in addition to the rest of your closing costs, and (b)…   Read the Article

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  • Disparage the Property, Its Location, Condition, etc. -- Don't even bother trying to justify a lowball offer. (Believe me, the seller and their agent were well aware that there's an electric tower in…   Read the Article

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  • The goal of your mini-makeover is just to spend a month or so making sure that your personal stats paint as pretty a picture of your financial resources -- FICO scores, debt-to-income (DTI) ratios,…   Read the Article

  • You can deal with a mortgage broker, or you can deal with the lender directly. A mortgage broker is the liaison between you and the lender. Because they deal on the wholesale level, brokers can…   Read the Article

  • You’ve been pre-approved. With your monthly expense chart in hand, decide whether you want a mortgage with a fixed rate, an adjustable rate, or a hybrid. A fixed rate mortgage is a no-brainer -- the…   Read the Article

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