• Veronica Mars: Living Room, Gia's Loft

    Gia's loft needed to look like a chic designer flat that wealthy parents had bought for their daughter (played by Krysten Ritter). Making it look upscale on a tight budget was difficult, but not…   See the Image

  • Veronica Mars: Gia's New/Old Loft

    So much in the Veronica Mars movie happens in and around Gia's loft. The crew couldn’t find anything that suited them perfectly in Long Beach, Calif., which filled in as the fictional town of…   See the Image

  • Schoen notes that one of the advantages to shooting in Craftsman-style homes is the open layout of the interior floor plans. Here Enrico Colantoni, who plays Veronica's dad Keith, tries to keep up…   See the Image

  • Veronica Mars: Creating a Relevant Noir Interior

    While the Veronica Mars film crew used the existing interior of this Long Beach Craftsman home, they brought in their own, well-worn looking furniture and accessories to give it an "Edward Hopper"…   See the Image

  • Veronica Mars: Craftsman Home of Keith Mars

    Some locations, like the Craftsman they used for the home of Veronica’s dad (played by Enrico Colantoni), were a snap. Schoen says that Long Beach is full of great old Craftsman houses with…   See the Image

  • Veronica Mars Production Designer's "No Harm Farm"

    It's no surprise that horses do well on No Harm Farm, the home of Veronica Mars production designer Jeff Schoen that doubles as an animal rescue refuge. But peacocks and emus? "The emus do…   See the Image

  • Veronica Mars Production Designer's Clever Cabin

    "No Harm Farm" is a clever mix of original logs from an 1860s-era Swedish settlers' cabin, and new additions that make it more livable for a modern family.   See the Image

  • Veronica Mars Production Designer's True Passion

    Who would have thought that the true passion of accomplished Veronica Mars production designer Jeff Schoen is this original Swedish settlers cabin built in the 1860s, just outside of Minneapolis.…   See the Image

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