• Annie Potts's Hot Hacienda: Ponds, Pools and Fountains

    It’s only fitting that a Designing Woman would have a fabulously colorful and creatively decorated home. But is Annie Potts’ gorgeous sense of aesthetics and architecture, plus property appreciation,…   Read the Blog

  • These Miami hotspots appeared on the hit TV show in the 1980s and are still standing today.   See the Gallery

  • Jerry's Famous Deli on Miami Beach

    Now closed, Jerry's Famous Deli was used for several nightclub episodes on Miami Vice. The same company that formerly operated Jerry's Famous Deli owns the Epicure Market on Miami…   See the Image

  • American actors Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, as detectives James 'Sonny' Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, in a promotional portrait for the TV series Miami Vice circa 1985.    See the Image

  • The Carlyle on Miami Beach

    Published 10/01/14 in Places
    The Carlyle hotel on Miami Beach

    In the opening credits of Miami Vice, two women walk out of the The Carlyle on Miami Beach. The façade of the modern-day Carlyle remains virtually unchanged from the original, constructed…   See the Image

  • Miami Tower in Downtown

    Published 10/01/14 in Places

    This multi-layer skyscraper, once known as the Bank of America Tower, is visible in the opening credits of the Miami Vice TV show. Now known as the Miami Tower, the building is outfitted with a…   See the Image

  • The Art Deco style facade of the Sanctuary South Beach was shown on Miami Vice and the property was used as an entrance to a club on the show. Today, the Miami Beach hotel is a four-star boutique…   See the Image

  • Clevelander Hotel on South Beach

    Still a South Beach hotspot today, the Clevelander Hotel was featured on Miami Vice. The hotel was built by famed architect Albert Anis in 1938.   See the Image

  • Mayfair Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove

    Located in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood, the lobby of the Mayfair Hotel & Spa was featured in an episode of Miami Vice. Fittingly, the hotel is offering a Miami Vice package to celebrate…   See the Image

  • The Alexander Hotel on Miami Beach

    According to Miami.com, the Alexander Hotel on Miami Beach served as the headquarters for casting for the Miami Vice TV show.   See the Image