• Bob Odenkirk of 'Breaking Bad' Lists His Midcentury Modern: Bathroom

    Each of the three-and-a-half bath's in the Odenkirk home incorporates Midcentury Modern colors and theme with up to the minute materials and surfaces.    See the Image

  • Bob Odenkirk of 'Breaking Bad' Lists His Midcentury Modern: Backyard View

    The home is situated on a half acre hillside lot, and has grand vistas of canyons, city lights and the iconic Griffith Park Observatory. Decks and a covered trellis help take maximum advantage of the…   See the Image

  • A Luxury Estate Manager's Many Tasks: Security Expert

    While the homeowners will most likely hire a security company to guard the premises, someone has to find them, contract them and manage them. The Estate Manager usually walks the entire grounds on a…   See the Image

  • Most Expensive Home in America: Welcome to Palazzo di Amore

    "Palazzo di Amore," a Beverly Hills estate with an extensive vineyard and a 15,000 square foot entertainment complex has been listed at $195 million.   See the Gallery

  • There's No Place Like Hollywood Auction: Casablanca Piano

    Calling all movie fans: Here’s your chance to bring a little authentic Hollywood glamour into your own home. Turner Classic Movies and Bonhams are teaming up on a classic Hollywood memorabilia…   Read the Blog

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Lounge Area

    To celebrate the first annual Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles, the Line Hotel commissioned designer Sean Knibb to push pink and make a Sanrio splash.   See the Gallery

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Wall/Toilet Paper

    Here's a closeup of the themed toilet paper used not only for the obvious purpose, but also to cover walls, ceilings and even a floaty lampshade.   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Spam Musubi

    If your taste runs toward Hello Kitty everything, you would have probably enjoyed this "Spam Musubi" whipped up in the kitchen of the Line Hotel's Roy Choi.   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Lounge Area

    Among the more outrageous items in the Line Hotel's Hello Kitty designer suite are the stacked couch and end tables draped with brown leatherette to look like chocolate eclairs, the coffee tables and…   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Bathroom Mirror

    Who needs to see your own reflection when you can stare at hundreds of Hello Kitties while you're washing your hands? Perhaps the hot pink mirror coating was placed there to discourage excessive…   See the Image