• Hello Kitty Suite: Lounge Area

    Among the more outrageous items in the Line Hotel's Hello Kitty designer suite are the stacked couch and end tables draped with brown leatherette to look like chocolate eclairs, the coffee tables and…   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Bathroom Mirror

    Who needs to see your own reflection when you can stare at hundreds of Hello Kitties while you're washing your hands? Perhaps the hot pink mirror coating was placed there to discourage excessive…   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Kids Sitting Area

    This pint-sized seating area is illuminated by an overhead light draped with Hello Kitty toilet paper. Even the ceiling is decorated.   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Bedroom

    Published 11/17/14 in Places
    Hello Kitty Suite: Bedroom

    The hotel’s signature gray cement walls were splashed with bubblegum pink, and the bed was covered with a quilt made from the pervasive themed stuffed characters and cushions. Note the puffy pink…   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Bathtub

    Published 11/17/14 in Places

    This daisy encrusted bathtub has a rim lined with tiny waterproof Hello Kitty toys. That's one way to get kids in the tub. Also, note the themed bandaids on the shelves on the right. We're thinking…   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Bathroom

    Because you can never have enough Hello Kitty toilet paper...   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: Great Room

    Here's another view of the suite that was used as the VIP lounge of the official Hello Kitty Birthday Party. Note that even the wallpaper was pretty in pink, and the window shades had the them motif.   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: On a Normal Day

    This is what a suite in the Line Hotel, located in L.A.'s Korea Town, normally looks like without the Hello Kitty crazed decor. The concrete walls and floor to ceiling windows are the same, but…   See the Image

  • Hello Kitty Suite: The Line Hotel

    During the world's first Hello Kitty Con,held at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)ground zero offsite was the new Line Hotel in L.A.'s Korea Town, where the famed…   See the Image

  • There's No Place Like Hollywood Auction: Casablanca Piano

    Bonhams and TCM are auctioning off items from classic films like 'Casablanca,' 'The Wizard of Oz,' 'Planet of the Apes' and more.   See the Gallery