• The modern finishes in the bathrooms are consistent throughout the house. Yes, they're lean, cool and light-filled, but we just can't imagine Ava Gardner (or Bela Lugosi) applying makeup in this…   See the Image

  • Treehouse: Big Brother House, Season 16

    Everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, the uber-popular CBS reality series Big Brother, is back for its 16th season. Who can resist watching total strangers live together in a house full of…   Read the Blog

  • Living Room: Big Brother House, Season 16

    Designed with an “Urban Treehouse” theme, the Big Brother season 16 house features natural elements with a contemporary twist. See where this year’s houseguests will eat, sleep and play, and learn…   See the Gallery

  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Former Backyard

    The house they're selling is smaller, more traditional and has a higher price, while their new place is more spacious, modern and once belonged to Bing Crosby.   See the Gallery

  • Treehouse: Big Brother House, Season 16

    Since the theme of the Big Brother house this season is “Urban Treehouse,” production designer Scott Storey built an actual treehouse on the second floor. "It’s a contemporary take on the…   See the Image

  • Living Room: Big Brother House, Season 16

    “A 20-foot-tall contemporary tree sculpture is the focal point of the living room,” says production designer Scott Storey. “Behind the tree, and throughout the house, is a contemporary branch design…   See the Image

  • Kitchen: Big Brother House, Season 16

    The deconstructed kitchen features a "chopping block” island built from slices of fresh eucalyptus trunks. "I wanted a more simple kitchen, so I used open shelving, industrial appliances,…   See the Image

  • Honeycomb Room: Big Brother House, Season 16

    “Every treehouse needs a beehive, and this is the room where the houseguests will scheme and plan,” production designer Scott Storey says. “All the different layers of hexagons are carpeted on top –…   See the Image

  • Hallway: Big Brother House, Season 16

    Production designer Scott Storey likes how the hallway between the kitchen and bathroom ties the home’s color palette together. "It’s simply different sizes of raw pine lumber that have been…   See the Image

  • Fire Bedroom: Big Brother House, Season 16

    Production designer Scott Storey built the paneling for this room using charred pieces of wood. The lamps have faux matchsticks inside, and the cinderblock walls have screen-printed fire-related…   See the Image