• Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Jon Voight with Traveler's Choice Luggage

    If you want to vacation at one of the exotic resorts the stars were gifted and fit right in with celebrities like Jon Voight, you might carry your things in this year’s luggage of the stars,…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Ellen Burstyn With Maxim Mattress

    Stars like Ellen Burstyn, Emmy nominated for Flowers in the Attic, couldn’t resist stretching out on this giant Maxim Mattress in the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge. Maxim gave celebs luxurious queen…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Dry Clean Green Bag

    Hollywood wardrobe specialist Yasmeen Mustaklim saw a lot of waste in the cellophane bags they used on movie sets, so she created handy re-usable bags everyone can use. They’re great receptacles for…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Dog Embellished Cushions From Teo Jasmin

    Whimsical cushions from French designer Teo Jasmin could be perfect in just about any room of the house. The throw pillows have bright graphic prints of an adorable French bulldog puppy in various…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Cupcake Sushi

    These delicacies from Cupcake Sushi may look exactly like sushi, but they certainly don't taste like it! They're actually mini cupcakes, made of chocolate, frosting, cake and other sweets. It's a fun…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Angela Bassett with Goodies From the Artisan Group

    Angela Bassett, Emmy nominated for American Horror Story, was intrigued by items from The Artisan Group, a clever company that carefully curates an extensive collection of handcrafted jewelry, spa…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Hang With the Stars at Bali's Alila Villas

    Stars like Lena Dunham, Jeff Daniels, Jon Hamm, Peter Dinklage, Kristen Wiig, Jane Lynch, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Giamatti, Jimmy Fallon, Robin Wright, Anthony Bourdain, Melissa McCarthy, Jessica…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Alicia Witt With Soniclear

    TV stars like Alicia Witt (Justified) are always looking for ways to improve their skin, especially since the invention of HD broadcasting. So they're thrilled to be introduced to the Soniclear from…   See the Image

  • A look at his famous, landmark homes featured in films, from the sexy James Bond pad in "Diamonds Are Forever" to the cult classic crib in "The Big Lebowski."   See the Gallery

  • Final Set Design. The cliffside home of Iron Man billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) was heavily influenced by John Lautner's glass and concrete ideas, according to concept artist Phil…   See the Image