Family Rooms

  • Main Level: As family rooms go, this one is right in the comfy zone. Everything is a bit oversized (including the fireplace) and roomy with more custom built-ins. This space is off the kitchen…   See the Image

  • Main Level: The cozy family room off the kitchen has a wonderful multi-tone and texture design. You can't see it from this angle, but the room has views of the deck and a patio with its own…   See the Image

  • Reading Room for Kids

    There are kid's rooms, then there are kid's rooms. Madrid-based design studio Playoffice specializes in outfitting homes with amazing kid-friendly spaces, and we're not just talking cute little…   Read the Blog

  • Modern Ramble in Buckhead, Great Room

    Situated on four acres, this contemporary compound was inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and features an infinity pool, cabanas and a waterfall.    See the Image

  • Reading Room for Kids

    Published 02/21/14 in Houses
    Reading Room for Kids

    Playoffice, a design firm based in Madrid, created this "Reading Net" for kids (or adults).   See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s Family Room in ‘American Hustle’

    Production designer Judy Becker says they scouted many ranch houses in Medford, Mass., but they were attracted to this one for its layout. The family room leads directly into a casual dining area.   See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s Family Room in ‘American Hustle’

    Every inch of the house was covered in vintage foil-patterned wallpaper, carpeted, furnished and switched out with vintage appliances. “It may not be tasteful, but it’s a feast for the eyes – and…   See the Image

  • Kourtney Kardashian's Family Room

    Kourtney's house, an East Coast traditional, was built in 2004. She and Scott Disick bought it for $1.7 million in 2010, according to public records. They feel rising real estate prices, plus the…   See the Image

  • Atlanta Midcentury Makeover, In-Law Suite

    The downstairs is currently staged as a game room, but we think it makes for a great in-law suite with its separate entrance and private bath.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Midcentury Makeover, Family Room

    The kitchen opens up into the expansive family room.    See the Image