Family Rooms

  • Larry Ellison’s Lake Tahoe Estate: Family Room

    Log cabin-style construction and several stone fireplaces give the home a luxurious lodge feel.   See the Image

  • Family Room: Duane and Devi Brown’s Home in Bellaire, Texas

    The family room boasts two creamy white sectionals accented with throw pillows in a yellow chevron print and various oceanic colors. Function met style when the couple needed a solution for the…   See the Image

  • Notice the unique wood paneling that completely covers the ceiling and walls in the family room.   See the Image

  • The Emmonds House won the 2008 Richard E. Driehaus Foundation award for preservation. All of the textiles, furnishings and color are restored its original design, as seen here in the olive and…   See the Image

  • Eddie Murphy's Los Lagos Compound: Family Room

    This small and very cozy family room, replete with a working fireplace and beautiful columns, epitomizes the rich hues and modern flair seen throughout the 12,600-square-foot Granite Bay…   See the Image

  • The problem with having so many smart home devices and robots is there's no central hub, or control unit. But Revolv's line of home connectivity units does just that. Imagine the entire control panel…   See the Image

  • Khloe Kardashian's California Home: Family Room

    Lots of windows, exposed wooden beams and floor-to-ceiling fireplace make for some serious lounging in this cozy family room.   See the Image

  • A great place to warm up by the fire or catch the next episode of American Idol.    See the Image

  • Ardmore Park Bungalow, Family Room

    Wired for surround sound, the family room also boasts a vaulted ceiling with open floor plan to kitchen and double hung windows with complete view of the backyard.    See the Image

  • Keith Carradine's Telluride Estate: Game Room

    A spacious and open family room, brimming with natural light, provides a great setting for family pool night.   See the Image