• Cat House: Muliti-Level Modern by RNL

    Faux turf balconies may not be much appreciated in apartments for people, but they're ideal for cats. This cat shelter by RNL architects gives kitty plenty of places to paw, perch and scratch.    See the Image

  • Cat House: Sculptural Cat Shelter by Perkins and Will

    Some of the cat shelters, like this on by Perkins and Will architects, could easily double as works of art — it could be mistaken for a sculpture.   See the Image

  • Cat House: Color Tubes by NAC Architecture

    These colorful cat tubes plastered with what looked like paint chips on the outside, and carpeted on the inside, were among our favorites. It appears the kittens like them too.   See the Image

  • Cat House: The Cat's Meow by RTKL

    Architectural firm RTKL makes a bold statement with this Cat's Meow House, full of interesting, carpeted spaces for Fluffy.   See the Image

  • Cat House: Architectural Cat Structure by Lehrer Architects

    There are myriad navigation options on this modern architectural cat structure made of metal from the designers at Lehrer Architects.   See the Image

  • Cat House: Fish Bench by DesignFormation Association + Edgar Arceneaux

    This cat shelter made of wood is reminiscent of a fish, every kitty's favorite. It also doubles as a bench for humans.   See the Image

  • Cat Toy: Sculptural Cat Toy by DSH Architecture

    We confess we can't see kitty lounging on this sculptural cat structure, but the blue laces are stretchy enough to provide hours of entertainment for feline friends.   See the Image

  • Cat House: Concrete Cat Condo by Standard Architecture Design

    This concrete cat condo by Standard Architecture Design was another crowd (and kitty) favorite. It has a pop-up porch that doubles as a sunning surface.   See the Image

  • Cat House: Great Crate Cat Creation by d3 architecture

    Looking as if it was constructed from colorful crates, this multi-level structure offers plenty of openings for cats to bat at anything that lurks below.   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Angela Bassett with Goodies From the Artisan Group

    The annual Emmy Awards are often considered “TV’s Biggest Night,” but it’s always preceded by a few big days in which celebrity gifting suites send invites to the folks who make all our favorite…   Read the Blog