• Architectural Digest Home Design Show Preview: Bosch Steam Convection Oven

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  • Architectural Digest Home Design Show Preview: BlueStar Gas Range

    For master chefs who are tired of the stainless steel look, BlueStar offers a professional gas range in this vibrant "Radiant Orchid" color. If this hue is too fuchsia for your taste, you can pick…   See the Image

  • Georgia's Places in Peril, 2014: Homes of Troup County

    The Georgia Trust of Historic Preservation will hold its 30th annual Preservation Gala this Friday at the Patterson-Carr House in Buckhead. Titled Garden & Fun, the event takes place in one of…   Read the Article

  • Oscar Gift Suite: Matching Majestic Furniture

    No one, not even Oscar winners, can resist a freebie, especially when it comes from clever and creative companies that they’ve never seen before. That’s why, the day before the Academy Awards are…   Read the Blog

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  • Oscar Gift Suite: Living Wall

    Published 03/06/14 in Houses
    Oscar Gift Suite: Living Wall

    Even pro athletes like Vernon Davis can't resist a celebrity gift or two. He's posing in front of a unique "living wall," made of 225 individual Campanula flower plants, from the folks at Rocket…   See the Image

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  • Oscar Gift Suite: Pacific Green Chair

    Pacific Green furniture appeals to those who like to have distinctive pieces, unlike anything their friends might have. The company is based in Fiji and Australia, where they create hundreds of jobs…   See the Image

  • Oscar Gift Suite: Pacific Green Palm Furniture

    Matthew McConaughey and Pierce Brosnan are big fans of the unique and beautiful artisan furniture from Pacific Green, a sustainable manufacturer that uses Palmwood from coconut trees that are too…   See the Image

  • Oscar Gift Suite: Majestic Pet Pillows

    Celebrity service doodle Graci loved the Majestic pet beds, made in the USA with fashion-forward fabric patterns and colors, durable, waterproof, removable zippered slipcovers and eco-friendly…   See the Image