• Best Stadiums, Queen Elizabeth Park, Closing Ceremony

    The 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony was dubbed A Symphony of British Music and featured a tribute to the Beatles and Freddie Mercury along with live performances by Elbow, Madness, Kate Bush,…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Toyko, Japan

    Published 01/27/14 in Places
    Best Stadiums, Toyko, Japan

    Toyko hosted the Summer Games in 1964 and was recently awarded the 2020 games partly based on their "conservative" $5 billion projected costs. Rather than building completely new venues, they'll…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Stade Olympique de Montréal in Montreal, Canada

    Seen here at night, this is main venue for the 1976 Summer Olympics. The stadium was nicknamed "The Big O" in reference to the doughnut-shape of the permanent component of the stadium's roof.    See the Image

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Dining Room

    The 43rd annual Cathedral Antiques Show kicks off tomorrow January 26 and ends on February 2. The weeklong event is hosted by the Episcopal Church Women of the Cathedral of St. Philip with the…   Read the Article

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Candlesticks

    Candlesticks such as these are for sale at the 43rd Annual Cathedral Antiques show at the Cathedral of St. Phillip in Atlanta.    See the Image

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Dining Room

    The theme for this year's tour of homes is “first places” in which rooms were designed with young professionals in mind.   See the Image

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Dining Room 2

    "Inspirations Rooms" were created for the event featuring fictional clients such as Coco Chanel and Winston Churchill.     See the Image

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Flower Show

    The nine unique interiors of Inspiration Avenue will be complemented by arrangements of nine leading floral designers, and spaces throughout the show will feature the work of five Atlanta…   See the Image

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Sun Room

    Whatever your style, whatever your budget, the 2014 Inspiration Avenue is the perfect place to find decorating ideas for every room in your home.   See the Image

  • Atlanta's Big Mike Geier, Elvis Royale

    If you haven’t made plans in Atlanta this weekend, stop what you’re doing and Sharpie this to your calendar: Elvis Royale at the Variety Playhouse on Saturday, January 25. Fronted by Big Mike Geier,…   Read the Article