• Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Angela Bassett with Goodies From the Artisan Group

    Your home can look like a celebrity's with these Emmy suite gifts that are surprisingly accessible to all.   See the Gallery

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Wiki Wags

    Stars appreciate this unusual pet product that can be useful in keeping the house clean. It’s called “Wiki Wag,” and it's a "disposable male dog wrap" that is basically a wraparound doggy…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Toffee Talk

    We loved “Toffee Talk,” the delicious family-recipe English Toffee that doesn’t stick to your teeth. It's made and marketed by a pair of cousins who wanted to do a second career act in their 50s.…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Push Girl Tiphany Adams With Whill

    Our absolute favorite piece of furniture was the Whill,  the “next-gen personal mobility device,” particularly enjoyed by the Sundance Channel’s Push Girls Tiphany Adams and Angela Rockwood.…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Breaking Bad's R.J. Mitte With Honest Tea

    Contrary to what you might think, the Emmy gifting suites are not all about champagne and caviar. Breaking Bad's R.J. Mitte (Walt, Jr.) found that Honest Tea was just the thing for a hot summer…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Philips Smile Brighteners

    Philips and Beverly Hills dentist to the stars Dr. Sam Saleh of the Ora Dentistry Spa showed actress Victoria Summer (Transformers: Age of Extinction) and the rest of us how we can have smiles as…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Pet Head

    Stars are just like the rest of us: We LOVE our pets. At the Secret Room Events Style Lounge, Pet Head proved there are just as many grooming products for pets as well as for people, with exotic…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Jon Voight with Traveler's Choice Luggage

    If you want to vacation at one of the exotic resorts the stars were gifted and fit right in with celebrities like Jon Voight, you might carry your things in this year’s luggage of the stars,…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Ellen Burstyn With Maxim Mattress

    Stars like Ellen Burstyn, Emmy nominated for Flowers in the Attic, couldn’t resist stretching out on this giant Maxim Mattress in the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge. Maxim gave celebs luxurious queen…   See the Image

  • Emmy Gifts You Can Use: Dry Clean Green Bag

    Hollywood wardrobe specialist Yasmeen Mustaklim saw a lot of waste in the cellophane bags they used on movie sets, so she created handy re-usable bags everyone can use. They’re great receptacles for…   See the Image