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Sunset Idea House: Staircase
Sunset Idea House: Pool
Sunset Idea House: Office
Sunset Idea House: Mom's Chic Retreat
Sunset Idea House: Master Bedroom
Sunset Idea House: Master Bathroom
Sunset Idea House: Lounge
Sunset Idea House: Kitchen
Sunset Idea House: Front Exterior
Sunset Idea House: Fire Pit
  • Sunset Idea House: Front Exterior

    For the first time ever, Sunset magazine has created an Idea House in Los Angeles, and although it reflects a California cool, seaside vibe, the resourceful stylizing can easily inspire your home…   Read the Blog

  • Sunset Idea House: Front Exterior

    This elegant, modern designer house shows you how to make every day feel like a vacation at the beach, no matter where you live.   See the Gallery

  • Sunset Idea House: Family Room

    Rich tones provide a modern take on the beach house: earthy blacks, white oaks, indigo blues, natural linens and burlaps give the family room a nautical feel without using the cliche anchors, fish,…   See the Image

  • Sunset Idea House: Elevated Garden

    Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and herbs are grow in these "Gabion Planters," which are unique, elevated, edible gardens. The river rock cages provide visual diversity from standard wood or…   See the Image

  • Sunset Idea House: Dining Room

    Tired of the formal dining room that seldom sees use? DISC designers suggest putting the dining table in what would traditionally be considered the living room in the front of the house. While that…   See the Image

  • Sunset Idea House: Interior Designers

    The talent responsible for the whole thing: working on the Dining/Living room of the Sunset Idea House are designers Krista Schrock and David Dick of DISC Interiors.   See the Image

  • Sunset Idea House: Kids Room

    The "Kids Room," with its daybed and comfy furnishings of indigo, copper and white, is appropriate for children of all ages and guests once the little ones have grown. The SEE mural, by…   See the Image

  • Sunset Idea House: Back Exterior

    The integrated indoor/outdoor lifestyle captured by the Sunset Idea House includes an infinity pool, multiple terraces, and an elevated edible garden.   See the Image

  • Holiday House Hamptons: Penthouse Kitchen

    The 2nd Annual Holiday House Hamptons has been in full swing since June 29, so we decided it's high time we take a look at what the luxury show house has to offer.Holiday House Hamptons Presented By…   Read the Blog

  • Holiday House Hamptons: Townhouse Den

    The second annual show house event is open to the public through Aug. 10. Set in Sag Harbor at a former watchcase factory, the designer rooms are spread out among a townhouse, bungalow and penthouse…   See the Gallery