• Contrasting Craftsman

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Contrasting Craftsman

    This bright orange door's sturdy structural elements stay true to the home's Craftsman style. While the home's exterior is a sage green hue, designer John Gidding swings to the other side of the…   See the Image

  • Iron Details

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Iron Details

    The whimsical iron detail on the door mimics the iron gate along the porch to tie this space together. The orange color accentuates the overall Spanish home design.   See the Image

  • Artistic in Azure Blue

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Artistic azure blue front entrance

    Curb Appeal designer John Gidding ties in a traditional front door with a Mediterranean curb appeal design using a blue hue similar to the tiles used in the front stair risers.   See the Image

  • Mulberry Masterpiece

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Mulberry Masterpiece

    The mulberry-colored front door stands out against the light blue palette of the home exterior. A large window insert in the front door allows light to pass through as it welcomes guests into a…   See the Image

  • Twice as Nice

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Twice as Nice

    Small window pane inserts in these wooden duplex doors bring a touch of elegance to a charming curb appeal design.   See the Image

  • Pretty Porch

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Pretty Porch

    Enhance a front door space with a charming porch. For this mini-makeover, designer John Gidding used beautiful red flowers and a red planter to tie in the traditional red door for an inviting…   See the Image

  • Peaceful Palette

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Peaceful Palette

    Using hues from the natural stone colors, designer John Gidding created a peaceful entryway.   See the Image

  • Asian Inspired

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Asian Inspired

    This multi-paned red door is reminiscent of Asian design. While an interior curtain provides privacy, the glass windows open up the porch area, while the bold red adds a welcoming pop of color.   See the Image

  • Rustic Retreat

    Published 03/10/14 in Houses
    Red front door of rustic home

    The architectural detail of the door complements this bungalow-style home. Two frosted glass sidelights frame the door to enhance the architectural features of the front door, while the solid wooden…   See the Image

  • Oliver Stone's West Village Condo: Living Room and Entry

    The walls are decked out with striking art. The painting in the living room is inspired by Chinese communist propaganda. The entryway shows off movie posters (not pictured) from some of Stone's…   See the Image