• Entryway: Spanish-Colonial Creole Cottage in New Orleans

    Built in 1825, this Spanish-Colonial Creole cottage is a rare find in the Big Easy. The home is set on one of the largest residential parcels in the French Quarter and features elegant gardens, a…   See the Image

  • Entryway: Historic North Mansion in Jackson, Mich.

    With a graceful staircase and a glittering chandelier, the entryway offers a first glimpse at the home’s elegant style.   See the Image

  • Entryway: Artsy Contemporary Home in Boonville, Ind.

    Colorful stained glass windows frame the custom stainless steel door, while recesses in the wall are perfect for displaying artwork.   See the Image

  • Georgia Historic Stunner, Stair Details

    Visitors are greeted with a grand staircase that has all the original hand-carved details and a resting bench.    See the Image

  • Georgia Historic Stunner, Entrance

    The grand entrance features a double wide hallway flanked by two large parlors and stately columns.    See the Image

  • Georgia Historic Stunner, Front Door

    The home's original owner made a fortune quarrying Georgia's marble and its use can be seen throughout the house.    See the Image

  • Stately Gate to Massive Estate

    Published 11/15/13 in Houses
    Stately Gate to Massive Estate

    You enter this unique L.A. property through a distinctive, custom gate, then travel down a a quarter mile long, tree-lined driveway to reach the main house.      See the Image

  • Door: The Mushroom House in Pittsford, N.Y.

    The hand-crafted mahogany doors were designed by local artist Wendell Castle.   See the Image

  • La Maison des Nuages Entryway

    Published 11/11/13 in Houses
    La Maison des Nuages Entryway

    Designer Christian Mussywas able to create a dramatic, sculptural entrance to the home that would be a transition from the home’s exterior architectural style to the unexpected French Moderne style…   See the Image