Eclectic Style

  • Living Room: Black-and-White Bath in Paris, France

    A multitude of colors and patterns makes its mark on this eclectic living room. Black-and-white wallpaper, a fuzzy purple area rug, vibrant orange pin-tucked sofa, elephant sculpture and furniture in…   See the Image

  • Atlanta's Beloved Author Hollis Gillespie

    If you haven’t met author Hollis Gillespie, one of Atlanta’s most treasured commodities, it’s fairly easy to get to know her – buy the books. To say Gillespie is candid and outspoken would be an…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Church Bar

    Gillespie feels most at home with her best friend Grant Henry who also owns Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, 'Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch'

    Gillespie got her first book contract when she cold-called a publisher. They took the bait and the memoir Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch begat her a visit to the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.   See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie

    Gillespie proudly displays her first novel Unaccompanied Minor.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Highland Row Antiques

    Located in Virginia-Highlands, there's always something new and exciting to see at this eclectic vintage shop.    See the Image

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Paris on Ponce

    Gillespie recently found mannequin parts at this eclectic antique shop that she used to decorate her front yard.    See the Image

  • B.D. Wong's East Village Duplex: Entry

    Celebrity homes tend to be glossy, sunny, hyper-designed affairs, which is why Law & Order: SVU actor B.D. Wong's East Village duplex is so refreshing. The 2,950-square-foot co-op is dark,…   Read the Blog

  • B.D. Wong's East Village Duplex: Living Room

    After a seven-year renovation, the Law & Order: SVU actor transformed his subterranean duplex into a lovely pad for cooking and entertaining.   See the Gallery

  • B.D. Wong's East Village Duplex: Stairs

    Wong's love for vintage is evident from this row of vintage clocks. The stairs pop with bright green, a color that recurs all over the apartment.   See the Image