Eclectic Style

  • Georgia Historic Stunner, Exterior

    Originally built in 1914 for Edwin Marcus Cole and Mattie Tate Cole, the structure incorporates elements reminiscent of both owners’ roots: the intricate millwork of R.D. Cole Company and marble…   See the Gallery

  • Georgia Historic Stunner, Original Lighting

    Almost all of the lighting fixtures throughout the home are original. We love this brass drop tear chandelier.    See the Image

  • Midtown Castle, Street View

    Former Mayor Andrew Young once called this Atlanta structure “a hunk of junk,” fighting words in the preservationist community.    See the Image

  • AIA Home Tour 2013, Marin Edition: Multicellular House

    In a fresh concept from Koji Tsutsui & Associates, this house is a "conceptual village" in which rooms link together in unpredictable ways, following the sloped landscape's…   See the Image

  • NYCSTAIRS-484-Greenwich

    Published 10/20/13 in Houses

    The black metal staircase perfectly complements the industrial vibe of this six-story, live/work townhouse. The interior abounds in exposed brick, metal and wood.   See the Image

  • Atlanta's Goat Farm

    Published 10/09/13 in Places
    Atlanta's Goat Farm

    The eclectic architecture of Atlanta's Goat Farm Art Center is one of author Jessica Handler's favorite spots.    See the Image

  • CHCARMEL - Exterior

    We love a home that defies convention, and this cliff-side house in California's Big Sur region certainly qualifies as unconventional. The 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath curiosity is perched on a cliff at…   Read the Blog

  • CHCARMEL - Master bed

    Who doesn't love a quirky house? Check out this one-of-a-kind cliff-side property on the California coast.   See the Gallery

  • CHCARMEL - Sitting room

    Published 09/19/13 in Houses
    CHCARMEL - Sitting room

    Take in the panoramic view from the sitting room. True to the customized nature of the house, it offers a built-in cushioned couch — perfect for lounging or reading a book.   See the Image

  • CHCARMEL - Master bed

    Published 09/19/13 in Houses
    CHCARMEL - Master bed

    Wake up to a view of the Pacific Ocean through a giant picture window. Note the built-in bench and side table.   See the Image