Directors and Producers

  • DUNNYC-Foyer

    Published 01/06/14 in Celebrity

    The foyer is decked out in built-ins made of poplar wood, including a bench that conceals the staircase leading to the downstairs studio. The foyer opens seamlessly into the adjacent living/dining…   See the Image

  • DUNNYC-Bedroom2

    Published 01/06/14 in Celebrity

    Lena Dunham once shared this 24-by-17-foot bedroom with her younger sister, Grace. The spacious room was bisected with a room divider. The divider is now gone, but you can see it in Tiny Furniture.   See the Image

  • DUNNYC-Bedroom

    Published 01/06/14 in Celebrity

    Wood floors? Ho hum. Try wood ceilings. The master bedroom ceiling is made of cherry wood, as are the walk-in closet and built-in shelving.   See the Image

  • A Palace Set Atop Mount Olympus

    Producer/heiress Megan Ellison, whose Annapurna films is behind some of the year’s most acclaimed hits, including American Hustle, Spring Breakers and last year’s Zero Dark Thirty, is also behind…   Read the Article

  • A Palace Set Atop Mount Olympus

    See the latest of several real estate purchases made by the 27-year-old heiress and hit film producer, fittingly located on Mount Olympus in the Hollywood Hills.   See the Gallery

  • A Palace Set Atop Mount Olympus

    Published 01/03/14 in Houses
    A Palace Set Atop Mount Olympus

    From the front, this $20 million dollar home, recently purchased by film producer Megan Ellison, looks more like a church or a space station than a private residence.   See the Image

  • Space Age Sunken Living Room

    Published 01/03/14 in Houses
    Space Age Sunken Living Room

    Custom furniture graces the spacious sunken living room in the house with the open floor plan that was built in the early nineties.   See the Image

  • Megan Elllison's New and Notorious Perch on Mount Olympus

    Built in 1990 and designed by Richard Schwarz, the home has become somewhat notorious in Los Angeles, having been the site of many TV commercial, fashion and movie…   See the Image

  • A $20 Million View

    Published 01/03/14 in Houses
    A $20 Million View

    The Mount Olympus estate encompasses nearly three acres of land with sweeping views reaching to downtown L.A., and even the Pacific Ocean on a smog-free day.       See the Image

  • Weatherproof Balconies and Terraces

    Yes, the balconies and terraces on Megan Ellison's new $20 million dollar home are heated to protect guests from the chill of those arctic Los Angeles nights.   See the Image