Dining Rooms

  • Dining Room Table: Kun House in Los Angeles

    The dining room table is a recreation based on photos of a black lacquered Richard Neutra-designed table. "The chairs were obtained at a furniture auction,” added homeowner Gerald Casale. “They…   See the Image

  • Dining Room: Kun House in Los Angeles

    Homeowner Gerald Casale loves the natural wood floors in the dining room. "As per [Richard] Neutra's original specifications, the wood floors create a rich warmth to counter an otherwise…   See the Image

  • Dining Room of Kooky Castle in Woodstock, CT

    Dining Room. This custom-made castle fortress with a moat sits on 126 private acres. The owner put a Disney-meets-Arthurian-meets-antique-shop spin on this very personal project. Inside, you’ll…   See the Image

  • Kesha Buys Beach Bungalow: Dining Room

    The dining room may be intimate, but it's well placed between the kitchen and living room. French doors that lead to the backyard let in plenty of light. The entire house totals 1,416 square feet.   See the Image

  • 'Masters of Sex' Production Designer Michael Wylie's Dining Room

    Michael Wylie's dining room shows his collection of 1950s paint by numbers, turn-of-the-last-century German Roebuck antlers and 19th-century black Wedgwood Jasperware.   See the Image

  • Kitchen and Dining Area: Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex’ Set

    Michael Sheen stars as William Masters in Showtime's Masters of Sex.   See the Image

  • Kitchen and Dining Area: Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex’ Set

    Production designer Michael Wylie built the entire house set on a stage at Sony, using as many period materials as possible. "The curtains and light fixtures are all from that time period,” he…   See the Image

  • Living and Dining Area: Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex’ Set

    This photo shows the living room set up for a dinner party. "The flower arrangements are very old-fashioned, and we were sure to use the 1950s-style champagne glasses,” said production designer…   See the Image

  • Kitchen and Dining Area: Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex’ Set

    The idea for the entire set was to convey a cold orderliness, said production designer Michael Wylie. "Dr. Masters was the king of his domain and he requires order,” he added. “There are very…   See the Image

  • Meryl Streep Sells Designer Home to A-Rod: Dining Room and Staircase

    The house features a walnut staircase with a sculptural railing, and extensive skylights over large white walls, “for optimal display of fine art,” according to the listing.   See the Image