The Hunger Games Meets House Hunters

Living in Panem is the worst. Here are six homes where Katniss et al would be much more comfortable.

Hunger Games photos by: Murray Close
House photos by: Zillow

We love The Hunger Games, but sometimes we wish we could pluck Katniss and Co. out of their post-apocalyptic world and, instead, drop them into HGTV’s House Hunters. We’ve got some houses we think they’d be very happy in, and there’s virtually no chance they’d have to compete in a fight to the death over them – it’s a win-win.

Katniss Everdeen

Poor Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) never really got a chance to be a kid: By age 12, she was hunting for food to provide for her family, and by age 16, she was fighting for her life during the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Can’t a girl get a break? If Katniss were shopping for a home today, maybe she and her sister, Primrose, could have some fun for a change at this Colorado residence with a fire pit and an awesome pool. The rustic style is a perfect fit for this no-nonsense girl. See more photos on the Zillow listing >>

Peeta Mellark

If it weren’t for this whole Hunger Games business, we think Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) would pour all his energy into his main talent: baking. This Texas home is a baker’s dream with double ovens, a six-burner range, two commercial refrigerators and even a baking center with a microwave and yet another oven. See more photos on the Zillow listing >>

Gale Hawthorne

We’re pretty sure a guy who once asked Katniss to run away and live in the woods with him would want a place that’s pretty secluded. Gale (Liam Hemsworth) – Katniss’ best friend from back home in District 12 – would feel quite comfortable in this creek-front lodge on 411 acres in Colorado. He can even go hunting in the adjacent national forest – not that he would need to hunt here, but it’s always good to stay sharp. See more photos on the Zillow listing >>

Effie Trinket

We considered Washington, D.C., for Effie (Elizabeth Banks) – a Capitol gal at heart – but we just couldn’t find anything over-the-top enough. This ultra-sumptuous home in Atlanta seems to be more her style. She’d probably prefer a bit more color, but just imagine how her purple wigs would pop against the home’s neutral palette. See more photos on the Zillow listing >>


Katniss’ stylist (portrayed by Lenny Kravitz) – who rejects the flashy fashions so popular in the Capitol – would love this sleek yet subtly glamorous California penthouse. Notice how the light fixture above the dining room table brings out the sparkle in his gold eyeliner. See more photos on the Zillow listing >>

Caesar Flickerman

This New York apartment offers a bit of the Capitol’s contemporary style that the emcee of The Hunger Games (portrayed by Stanley Tucci) would appreciate. The blue sofa perfectly complements the color of his hair, and there’s plenty of seating room for conducting utterly uncomfortable interviews – Caesar’s specialty. See more photos on the Zillow listing >>

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