Philadelphia Estate With Secret Speakeasy

Behind its stately stone exterior, this Philadelphia mansion is full of surprises: a bowling alley, a billiards room and -- perhaps most intriguingly -- a speakeasy bar concealed behind a false bookcase.

Location: Philadelphia
Listed By: Christopher Plant of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors
Price: $2,970,000

Set on five acres, the 1929 French Normandy-style estate was built during the final years of the Prohibition era, when people sought out speakeasies in order to illegally purchase alcohol. These establishments were often hidden in businesses, boarding houses or, in this case, private homes. The illicit space was -- and still is -- accessible via a hidden door handle in the billiards room.

The bar still boasts some of its original features, as does the rest of the 17,900-square-foot residence: The wood paneling lining the great room came from a 1650 hunting lodge of King James II of England.

What other secrets does this Philadelphia mansion hold in store? Check out the photo gallery below to find out.

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