Need a Quick Christmas Fix? Jessie Jane Rides to the Rescue

Hollywood’s DIY guru blazes in with last minute decorating ideas so quick and easy you can whip them up in 10 minutes on Christmas Eve.

Photo by Jessie Jane, courtesy of Basically, all you need is a cardboard cone, foil glitter and spray adhesive. Hold the cone up in the air, spray half of it with adhesive, set it down on newspaper and quickly pour on the glitter. See specific details at

Super busy this year? Who isn’t? You might be so overwhelmed getting the shopping done that decorating has fallen by the wayside. Or maybe you’d just like to add a homemade touch to all your slick, store-bought decorations.

Hollywood craft expert Jessie Jane has some last-minute DIY ideas that can totally bail you out. A resident of L.A.’s posh suburb Hidden Hills, she’s shared her ideas with friends and neighbors including Brooke Burke, Leann Rimes, a Kardashian or two, even J-Lo.

Jessie posts her ideas and projects on her website, It’s named after her 4-year-old daughter, and she also has a 2-year-old named Olive, so you understand why most of her craft projects are super quick and easy.

Photo courtesy of

Hollywood craft expert Jessie Jane of Hidden Hills has shared her ideas with friends and neighbors including Brooke Burke, Leann Rimes, a Kardashian or two, even J-Lo. 

We’ve picked a several that are so speedy you could actually whip them up on Christmas Eve after the family’s gone to sleep, with supplies you probably have on hand. Imagine their surprise when they wake up Christmas morning to find a veritable winter wonderland — one you didn’t have to stay up all night to prepare.

Peppermint Plate

Photo by Jessie Jane, courtesy of Perfect for holding Santa's cookies, these peppermint plates involve little more than arranging Starlight mints in a silicone baking mold and baking in a preheated 350-degree oven for 8 minutes. See for more specific directions.

This Peppermint Plate is our absolute favorite this season. All you need are red and green Starlite mints and a round Silicone baking mold, but a baking sheet with parchment paper will do in a pinch. Create a pattern and fill the silicone baking round with one layer, all the way to the edge. Bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes. Check at about 6 minutes for bubbling, which you don’t want. Remove from oven and let cool on the counter for 10 minutes before removing from the silicone mold. Then pile on the Christmas cookies!

Wrapping Paper Trees

Photo by Jessie Jane, courtesy of So simple: Make a cone of construction paper, cover it with your favorite wrapping paper, cut the bottom so it's easy and sits on a table and voila! You have chic and colorful homemade decorations. See details at

For these stylish Wrapping Paper Trees, create a cone of the desired size out of sturdy construction paper. Trim the base so it sits flat on a table. Now place an appropriately-sized sheet of Christmas wrapping paper, place it pretty side down. Tape one end of the paper to the cone, and roll the cone over the paper so it’s tightly covered with wrapping paper. Cut a straight edge in the wrapping paper and secure it with double-sided tape.

Mitten Garland

Photo by Jessie Jane, courtesy of These mittens can be quickly cut from old shirts, pajamas, towels, sweaters, etc., embellished and strung on a piece of yarn. See for specific details.

To make this adorable Mitten Garland, gather old PJs, scarves, sweaters, towels, etc. Cut out a cardboard mitten template. Lay out the fabric, trace your mitten pattern on your fabric and cut out the mitten. If your material is one-sided you need to reverse the pattern and cut out another side.Hot glue your two mittens together and embellish with ribbons, buttons, etc. String them up!

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