Malibu Home With Multimillion-Dollar Car Museum

Fancy yourself a collector? Well, prepare to have your stash of baseball cards or first-edition books blown out of the water. Perched on a dramatic ocean bluff in Malibu, today's property is designed for the hardcore car collector.

Image Source: Van Parys Real Estate The one-of-a-kind detached automobile museum on this luxury property is designed to house the most prestigious high-end vehicles in the world.

The 11,741-square-foot home is impressive in and of itself, equipped with a professional screening room, a top-of-the-line chef's kitchen and a spectacular master suite. The back of the residence opens to a 62-foot Italian mosaic glass-tiled pool and a separate 18-foot spa -- both with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

But nothing wowed us more than the estate's detached one-of-a-kind auto museum. Designed to house the most prestigious vehicles in the world, this structure features sound-absorbent walls, Micron-level filtration and dehumidification systems and a thermally sealed envelope. The space also comes equipped with a kitchen, a bedroom and a full bathroom. (Sometimes you just need to have a slumber party with your luxury cars, you know?)

The house by itself costs $40 million; throw in an extra $10 mil, and the museum is yours as well. Yikes -- we hope that price includes a few (dozen) high-end automobiles! 

Location: Malibu, Calif.
Listed By: Nicole Van Parys of Van Parys Real Estate
Price: $50,000,000

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