In Case of Apocalypse: A Moated Castle in Miami

Who's excited for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead this Sunday? If you're a fan of this hit AMC series, no doubt you've considered what you would do and where you would go in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Our first choice? This well-protected castle in Miami.

Location: Miami, Fla.
Listed By: Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell, Inc.
Price: $10,900,000

Known as Chateau Artisan, the South Florida fortress is bordered by a moat and enclosed with wrought iron gates, plus massive wooden privacy doors. In case of emergencies, the home has impact glass windows and a full-house generator.

If you do find yourself evading the undead at this 20,000-square-foot estate, there's plenty to keep you occupied: an enormous kitchen, a wine cellar, a barbecue gazebo, a pool and 14 acres of formal gardens. Heck -- zombies or no zombies, we wouldn't mind hiding out in this lavish residence.

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