Favorite Rooms and First Dates of 8 Sexy Chicago Bachelors

'The Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis might have his own TV show (and 27 women to choose from) but that pretty face didn't have to compete with these guys.

Photo by: Kevin Hartmann / Rockit Ranch Productions Bachelor Arturo Gomez in his Wicker Park kitchen. Why did you choose this area of the city? "For me, Wicker Park is my personality personified. I love the eclectic make-up of the people that live here and its edgy style. The bar/music scene too has really grown and it’s completely different from River North, which Rockit Ranch Productions headquarters and most of our venues are located. It’s great to have a bit of separation between work and home.”

Arturo Gomez, Wicker Park
President, Rockit Ranch Productions

Don't even try to resist this man. Originally from Lansing, Mich., he's the whole package. A man of style, he can rustle-up in the kitchen, he's fit, ridiculously handsome and is partners in The Underground, one of the sexist nightclubs in the country. Girls (some wild) want to run off with him, perhaps on one of his jaunts to Mexico, but the queue is three years long. He’s made Wicker Park his home for the past 16 years and lives in a 1905 renovated industrial loft-style building that was formerly an auto repair shop and showroom.

Favorite room. The living room and kitchen space. I love cooking and entertaining so for me a modern kitchen is a must. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your life. If I had to choose just three: Juicy by Notorious B.I.G., Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley, Touch the Sky by Kanye West. Let's get to favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink. I love the Brussels Sprout Salad at Sunda (a pick for best first date restaurant). It’s one of my favorite things on the menu and I always order when I’m there and send it out as a treat for visiting celebs and athletes.  At home, I like to relax with a Grey Goose Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives and homemade truffled risotto. Where do you like to kick it on a first date? If I’m staying close to home, I have this little secret wine bar called 694 Wine and Spirits that is perfect for a casual date. 

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Photo by: John Morrison / Subism Studios LLC Bachelor Charley Carroll in his Buena Park living room. Why did you choose this area of the city?  "It has an amazing history that few people in the city know and appreciate.  Filled with Prairie-style mansions by such great architects as George Maher and Graceland cemetery, which is home to Chicago royalty and one of the most beautiful places in the city limits.  It's also the beginning of Uptown which was the gangster paradise of the 1920's, with one-out-of-every-three silent films being filmed there." Does this guy knows how to talk to us, or what?

Charley Carroll, 31, Buena Park
Comedian, Groupon Executive

Carroll, originally from, Atlanta, Ga., ("Hotlanta. The ATL. That airport with a city near it.") chose his apartment for its old style, wall framings, fixtures from the 1920s and the great view of the city. Vintage suits this bachelor who spends time searching out antique and art shows around the city, working on his 1968 Honda S90 motorcycle, touring Chicago's neighborhoods and historical landmarks and studying photography. (We heard all the woman go ahhhhhhh.)

Favorite room. My living room. That's where my sense of style really shows itself.  A great mix of current day rock art, mixed with art deco and modern midcentury furniture and a little ode to Georgia stashed in the corner. Also, it holds the 55-inch TV I bought off of the iPhone when I was drunk years ago. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your life. Life of Crime by Geographer, Scratching Circles by J.D. McPherson,Crazy by Au Revoir Simone. How about that favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink? I could name all sorts of amazing restaurants or bars in Chicago ... but let's be honest, what beats a Hot and Ready? What do you do for escape, for fun? I am lucky enough to spend many of my nights making people laugh at the Annoyance Theater, either as an actor or director and hitting up all the great bars and restaurants. Where do you like to kick it on a first date? Because I love to try new things, I pretty much always go somewhere I've never been for first dates, but past favorite first dates were at the Hideout, a Chicago gem, and Turtle Races up at Big Joe's.

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Photo by: Anthony Albanese Bachelor Anthony Albanese in his Lakeview kitchen. Why did you choose this area of the city?  "I bought this condo [in a three-flat] because it’s top floor (I have to be on top) with an open layout and high ceilings. The last owners had zero design sense so other buyers just passed on it. But I had a vision and knew I could come in and re-do everything. And I did. From the floors to the skylights to the fireplace, I’ve redone every square inch of this place."

Anthony Albanese, 35, Lakeview
Co-Owner, Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Someone asked if it was possible to combine a brawny, sweet beauty who could bake. Uh-huh. Originally from outside Detroit, Mich., we can't imagine a more electrifying Valentine rendezvous than catching the midnight flight, to anywhere in the world, with Anthony Albanese. A smile that dazzles like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is all the light you need. We also have it on very good authority that the former fullback who now plays competitive football and hockey and whose business is a line of manly-man grooming products, will feed you his homemade delicacies (truffles!) bite-by-tempting-bite.

Favorite Room. Most of my time is spent in the kitchen making premium meals and baked goods. It’s a huge creative outlet for me. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your life. Survival by Eminem, Head Over Heals by Tears for Fears, Only Girl (In The World) by RihannaWhat do you say about a favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink? Look, I’m all about premium food and drink. The amount of kitchen gear I own rivals most high-end restaurants. My favorite meal is definitely steak and lobster (that I sous vide) with no sides, just more steak and lobster. For dessert, I make an award-winning chocolate chip cheesecake with an Oreo cookie bottom. And for drinks, I’m either going with champagne, a premium martini, straight up with three olives, or a Cadillac margarita on the rocks with salt (lots of salt). What do you do for escape, for fun? As an entrepreneur, my mind never stops working, consequently, escapes are mandatory to clear my head. That’s why I CrossFit at CrossFit Defined almost every day, find solace wandering the aisles at Costco and cook and bake competitively. (He also enjoys booking an international trip "to obscure and dangerous locations.") Where do you like to kick it on a first date? I don’t really do first dates. I find them to be a total waste of time.

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Photo by: Hallie Duesenberg Bachelor Ryan Beshel in his Ravenswood studio. Why did you choose this area of the city? I've lived in many neighborhoods across Chicago, from Pilsen to Andersonville. Settling in this area just kind of happened -- and now I love it for the beautiful homes, sprawling trees (yes, trees!) and proximity to other fun neighborhoods. The Long Room (one of my favorite bars) is right around the corner. I'd say that's pretty special.

Ryan Beshel, 31, Ravenswood
Former Runway Model Agent, Digital Marketing at Purely

You can catch the dapper 6'4" Beshel teaching scoundrels about style, trends and celeb fashion (faux pas and the winners) on FOX, NBC and ABC and his juicy podcast Speaking of Fashion. He's imminently quotable (check out his fashion recaps at Women’s Wear Daily, Racked and Refinery29), says he's über eligible, and is the lead social and marketing guru at Purely, a fashion app that keeps you up-to-date with your favorite designers. (You need this. Promise.)

Favorite room. My main room is my favorite because it knows how to multi-task, just like me. It's a living room and a bedroom.  I like a room that works harder than the others. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your life. C'Mon Talk (live version) by Bernhoft, Suit & Tie (ft. Jay Z) by Justin Timberlake, Work by Iggy Azalea. Favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink? Pizza, Cocoa Puffs and whiskey-gingers are direct lines to my heart. What do you do for escape, for fun?  Lately, I have really been trying to put more time into home-ifying my space. (I just got curtains and I am obsessed with them. I'm not telling how long I went without them.)  I love a good catch-up session with friends over coffee or whiskey or amazing food and I'd really like to start working on a coffee table book I have in my head. Where do you like to kick it on a first date?  It depends on the person, I suppose. Sometimes I want to venture to somewhere we've never been, but other times I want to call in favors and impress my guy, or at least try my best to! If we can carry on a conversation, and make each other laugh, then I'm happy. We can figure out the rest as it comes.

Next Bachelor: Get to know Eric Nordstrom

Photo by: Eric Nordstrom Bachelor Eric Nordstrom in his downtown Chicago living room with a sample of his personal, burgeoning collection of signage, turn-of-the-century electric lighting and appliances, electric meters, a rare gilded finish mortar & pestle apothecary sign (to the right) and a display of petite brass doorknobs (to the left). 

Eric Nordstrom, 36, Downtown
Owner, Urban Remains

Every woman in Chicago is in love with Eric Nordstrom. All of them. Whether they know it or not. Understand, this is a man who studies every curve and line of a building before he begins to rescue, to bring back to life the rare, the forgotten, the exquisite during a salvage. (Take a deep breath and think about that.)  If you've ever been within his intense orbit, you know what we mean. He's got some secret Ironman Juju going on there, a scientist romancing the stone, as it were. Oh, and dimples. (Just saying.) To see how he thinks, pace yourself through the Urban Remains online catalog of signage, industrial chic lighting, stools, glass work, Frank Lloyd Wright windows (you'll need several afternoons) or find your way to his West End store (you'll need a weekend). Fair warning: Originally from La Crosse, Wis., in high school he was voted most likely to "be abducted by aliens." Really. Glad they gave him back.

Why did you choose this area of the city? I needed to remove myself from my business and get lost among the nameless people I'm overwhelmed by in my new surroundings. I wanted a view, a clean slate and security for my possessions. Room service at 3 a.m. after a night of heavy drinking is a nice perk. Favorite room. The "museum." It contains most of my most precious artifacts that I've gathered over the years. Fragments of buildings now long gone are very much alive around me. I believe the architects and artisans involved in the creation of these gems would be proud. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your life. Wow, unbelievably random and difficult to answer under that formula. If pressed against a wall then, Green Glass by Jawbox, Fema Camp by Killling Joke and You by Pegboy. Favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink. Let's do cheesecake, Caesar salad and a spicy Bloody Mary. Where do you like to kick it on a first date? Easy, a dive bar, preferably Rainbo or Rossi's.

Next Bachelor: Get to know Adam Katz

Photo by: Lindsey Lurie Bachelor Adam Katz in his River North living room. Why did you choose this area of the city? It's equally close to the office as it is to great restaurants, clubs, and some of the best dives in town.

Adam Katz, 31, River North
Lawyer, Startup Entrepreneur

Katz is originally from Glencoe, Ill., the setting of '80s teen cult films Sixteen Candles and Risky Business. The lawyer and investor is co-founder of Good Vines Wine, and, no virgin to the startup scene, has teamed-up with a buddy to unleash the dating app Wavve as a direct competitor to Tinder (how apropos, yes?). Look for it around mid-February. 

Favorite room. The living room provides me with a great view of Chicago and its nine months of winter. I'm in the heart of River North and also have a balcony with a full-sized grill for summer BBQs. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your life. Burning Heart by Survivor, The Rocky IV soundtrack is essential to my hockey pregame warmup, Echoes by Pink Floyd (I've listened to way too much Pink Floyd in my days),Wobble by V.I.C. I secretly like to dance (which I guess isn't a secret anymore). In high school, Katz was voted most likely to join the cast of Saturday Night Live. Let's jump over to favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink. Everything on the menu at Hugo's Frog Bar. Trust me. What do you do for escape, for fun? I escape to the ice rink to play a game or two and decompress. Where do you like to kick it on a first date? Rooftop bars and the patio at Big Star are always good choices.

Next Bachelor: Get to know Mike Haniff

Photo by: Mike Haniff Bachelor Mike Haniff in his K2 studio with Knox, a 4-month-old Labrador and boxer-mix he rescued from the Anti-Cruelty Society. Why did you choose this area of the city?  I chose the area mainly because of the building and the views of the city from the west to east is just as amazing from the lake.

Mike Haniff, 27, Fulton River District
Medical Student

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Haniff says he chose the K2 apartment building "because when I first walked in, I felt at home. Being from Florida, the transition from there to Chicago was stressful in itself. K2 allowed me to feel right at home with many amenities within my budget." Favorite room. I live in a studio. My entire space is my favorite. Reason being, I feel comfortable in my surroundings, plus, I have a great view of the city. Three songs on your phone that tell the story of your lifeThe Dream by Fast Car, Feeling Good by Michael Buble, Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts. Haniff says he should have been voted "most likely to be on the cover of GQ magazine." Favorite dessert or meal or mixed drink. Favorite meal is a bone-in filet cooked medium-rare with a glass of Cabernet. What do you do for escape, for fun? I like to travel when I can. However, I am a medical student and concurrent master's student, thus, not much escaping for me. Where do you like to kick it on a first date? Being from Florida, I would like to take my first date out to the beach and wine and dine her there. I'm still learning Chicago. So far, City Winery or Del Frisco's are great options.

Next Bachelor: Get to know Jourdan Kurtz

Photo by: Jourdan Kurtz Bachelor Jourdan Kurtz hanging out at the sleek 500 LSD amenity space. Why did you choose this area of the city? I chose it because I love being by the water. I am an east coast guy and love the ocean so "the Lake" was the next best thing. I work and spend a lot of my time in River North, so Streeterville is just far enough away but still within walking distance. 

Jourdan Kurtz, 39, Streeterville
General Manager, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Kurtz is originally from Mendham, N.J., just outside of New York City. "I moved to Chicago from New York City at the end of September for a job as the general manager of  RPM Steak with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. I’m thrilled to be with the company and living in Chicago. The choice of living at 500 Lake Shore Drive was a "no brainer" for me due to the building’s amenities and location. I also like that it is brand new, fresh and contemporary. I am single, so living and working in Chicago has been amazing, even moving here from New York. Chicago has so much to offer in many respects, as New York does, but just in a different manner."

Why did you choose this apartment  building? I choose the studio convertible at 500 Lake Shore Drive because I like the open space, view of the Lake and especially the kitchen. The finishes are amazing and the kitchen is perfect for entertaining. Favorite roomThe kitchen because I love to cook – it’s therapeutic for me. Favorite dessert or meal or mixed drinkThe Bomboloni dessert special at RPM Italian, or the chocolate chip cookie at BeatrixWhat do you do for escape, for fun? I love going on overnight trips somewhere quiet in the mountains or on a lake since I’m no longer as close to the ocean. Where do you like to kick it on a first date? Well, I have lived here just four months so I am still trying to figure out the dating scene, but I like nice dinners where we can hear one another. 

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