Decorate Your Home With Oscar-Winning Style

Check out the best home products from this year’s Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge in honor of the 86th Academy Awards.

Photo courtesy of Secret Room Events Oscar nominees also found out they could get Majestic bean bag furniture, pillows and cubes to match their pet beds, for more integrated design. Pet beds can now be as stylish as the rest of your furniture.

No one, not even Oscar winners, can resist a freebie, especially when it comes from clever and creative companies that they’ve never seen before. That’s why, the day before the Academy Awards are handed out, so many celebrities flock to the Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge.

We're talking key players from Oscar-winning films like 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, Captain Phillips, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, Frozen and Nebraska, just to name a few. 

And of course we just had to check out the ballroom of Beverly Hills' Montage Hotel for ourselves, so we could pass along the inside info to you, just in case you want to bring a little super-star glam into your own home.

Interestingly enough, some of the most popular products were not about inaccessible, high-end luxury bling. “Green” seemed to be a recurring theme in what celebrities were seen schlepping home.

Photo courtesy of Pacific Green Pacific Green furniture appeals to those who like to have distinctive pieces, unlike anything their friends might have. The company is based in Fiji and Australia, where they create hundreds of jobs for locals. They're gaining popularity all over the world because the furniture is not only uniquely stylish, but outrageously comfortable.

Matthew McConaughey and Pierce Brosnan, for example, are big fans of the unique and beautiful artisan furniture from Pacific Green, a sustainable manufacturer that uses Palmwood from coconut trees that are too old to bear fruit and would otherwise be chopped down and burned. The company is based in Fiji and Australia, and creates hundreds of jobs for locals. They're gaining popularity all over the world because they’re not only uniquely stylish, but also outrageously comfortable.

Other green home products now popular with A-listers are the eye-catching pet beds from Majestic Pet, that are made in the USA with fashion-forward fabric patterns and colors, have a durable, waterproof, removable zippered slipcover and are filled with an eco-friendly recycled polyester fiber fill, produced from recycled plastic bottles. And one of their coolest features? The folks at Majestic also make matching cubes, pillows and beanbag chairs, so your pet bed doesn’t clash with a carefully designed room.

Divine Designs, another popular stop in the Red Carpet suite, also makes beautiful pet beds that match other home products as diverse as placemats, napkins, indoor/outdoor pillows, stools, robes, jewelry bags — just about anything that can be fashioned from boldly patterned and colored Indian fabrics. They really make home decor pop.

Photo courtesy of Divine Design Many of the brightly colored and boldly patterned home products from Divine Design come in fabrics treated for use both inside and out.

Also adding pop to celebrity homes was Rocket Farms, which brought thousands of potted orchids to be given away at the event, and created an entire purple living wall out 225 Campanula flowering plants. Rocket Farms is the largest grower of indoor flowers, fresh-cut herbs and potted edibles in the country. When you see a star-studded event filled with orchids, they probably came from Rocket Farms.

Of course the suite was dripping in jewelry to be given away to the stars, and of course we were drawn to the one collection that had an architectural angle. Annamarie Sabo, creator of the La Corza jewelry line, used Frank Lloyd Wright architecture as her inspiration, partially because she grew up with it; her grandfather commissioned the Ward Willits House in Highland Park near Chicago, which was Wright’s first prairie-style home. Combining precious metals and gems in unique cuffs, rings and necklaces crafted into geometric, Craftsman-style patterns, you’ll be seeing a lot of her jewelry on red carpets in the future.

Celebs also took home bling for the bathtub, of all things. The Taymor Ultimate Bath Caddy has a reading rack, candle holder, wineglass holder, mirror, soap and other paraphernalia compartments, and comes in either a polished chrome or brass finish. Now that’s pampering! 

One the best and least-known features of the awards gifting suites is that they benefit a worthy cause, and this year the official charity was SPCA Los Angeles. Plenty of celebrity dogs were on hand to enjoy the pet beds and bright-colored pet apparel from companies like Dogn’i, GooFurr (a quick and easy way to give pills to your cat or dog) and Paul Mitchell’s new line of tea tree pet shampoo, conditioner and bath wipes. 

Photo courtesy of Secret Room Events The lovely Athena shows off the latest in pet bling: The Voyce collar, which tracks your dog's health. It contains sensors that monitor activity and rest levels, calories, heart rate and respiratory rate, and collects the data over Wi-Fi, so that you can track trends over time and share the information with your vet. What will they think of next?

There was even a little something for the celebrity dog of the future: a health-tracking smart collar called the “Voyce,” that doesn't exactly let you speak to Spot, but tracks your dog's health. It contains sensors that monitor activity and rest levels, calories, heart rate and respiratory rate, and collects the data over Wi-Fi, so that you can track trends over time and share the information with your vet. And you thought the latest celebrity doggie indulgence would be something like a jewel-encrusted collar. These puppies cost $299 each, and there’s a $15 per month fee for a monthly Wi-Fi subscription system.

We're not sure about you, but we don't even track our own health that closely. We do, however, track celebrity home style,  and are always willing to transmit the data to you. Stay tuned for an update on the latest award-winning trends. 

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