Cutting-Edge Contemporary in California

As the year 2013 creeps closer, one question keeps crossing our minds: Shouldn't we all be driving flying cars and wearing matching silver jumpsuits by now? Even though our cars and clothing seem to be about a decade behind the times, at least our architecture lives up to our expectations for the 21st century. Case in point: Today's innovatively designed residence, which appears to float dramatically above its desert setting.

Location: Indian Wells, Calif.
Listed By: Canavan Coit of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Price: $12,000,000

Award-winning architect Guy Dreier sought to build a home that would feel like an indigenous part of its environment. The result? A contemporary masterpiece that's actually suspended over a pristine pond, surrounded by waterfalls, trickling streams and a backdrop of rugged mountains and canyons. Inside, the 18,000-square-foot home feels like an extension of the outdoors: Natural stone finishes and a neutral color palette lend an organic look, while strategically placed glass floors enhance the open-concept design.

The property has a lot of stand-out features -- a professional chef's kitchen, a master bath with indoor/outdoor showers, a resort-style pool with a swim-up bar -- but the coolest of all has to be the garage. Covering 12,000 square feet, the climate-controlled space is large enough to house up to 25 flying cars. (Or regular cars -- but seriously, when are we getting flying cars?) Check out all these spaces for yourself in the photo gallery below.

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