At Home With Reality TV Star Jenny Terrell

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives cast member takes us on a tour of her contemporary Music City "treehouse."

Jenny Terrell’s Home in Nashville

Photos © Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. Private Lives of Nashville Wives star Jenny Terrell tells us about her favorite rooms and features in her Music City home.

Leading internet executive Jenny Terrell is one of the stars on the new TNT reality series Private Lives of Nashville Wives. Married to JT Terrell, who co-owns a party rental company called Music City Tents and Events, the couple and their son live in a contemporary home that Jenny calls her “treehouse” for its secluded wooded location. We asked the reality star to describe her favorite features and spaces in her Nashville pad.

Did you always want to live in a treehouse?  What drew you to your home?

Ten years ago, contemporary design and construction was not as easy to find as it is today in Nashville. I wanted something with a West Coast feel and big open spaces, yet I didn't want to build a brand new house in a subdivision where all of the houses were cookie-cutter and piled on top of one another. My Realtor took me to my current home on a whim, even though it had been built in the 1980s, and the interior featured retro decor. (That’s being kind!) I immediately had a vision of the space and what it  could be, nestled up there in the trees, like some hidden gem, and I started the long process of gutting the interior and "whiting it out" to give it that contemporary feel. And thus the tree house was born!

What's your favorite room in the home?

My favorite room in the home is my bar area. It reminds me of the journey of falling in love with my husband, and of the great connection that we have today. It's where we shared our first epic kiss, and it's where we gather every evening that I'm home in Nashville, for our famed "Terrell cocktail hour." We mix crazy fun martinis and talk about everything from our day to our dreams. Everyone knows that hour is "Jenny and JT time."

What are some of your favorite features in the room?

My favorite feature in our home is all the windows! My least favorite feature in our home is all the windows!  Fun to have, but a pain to clean.

Did you always want a blackjack table in your home?

This is actually a bone of contention between me and my fabulous designer, Katy Chudacoff of Dovetail Design Works. She would say, "Well, maybe we can set up the downstairs like your casino theme that you really want." And I would say, "What's wrong with doing that up here in the main living area?" And we would giggle and defer the conversation until the next meeting. I finally won the battle on that one!  But Katy is thrilled because her only advice was, "If it's not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it should be functional and something that you get good use and tons of enjoyment out of," and it has definitely served both of those purposes.

What are some must-have essentials in your home?

Well, five years ago I would have said Rombauer Zinfandel and Egyptian linen, but now that I have a young family it's probably Disney Junior DVDs and wet wipes. LOTS of wet wipes!

Photo by: Katherine Bomboy, TM & © Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. The home’s deck will likely make an appearance on Private Lives of Nashville Wives, according to Jenny. “JT and I have a very important conversation over dinner on our beautifully lit back deck, during a perfect summer night,” she said. “Japanese lanterns, floating candles and an impeccable table setting made that night look even more magical than it already was!”

Do you garden?

I had always dreamed of having a beautiful garden, but since our treehouse is built on a very rocky and steep ridge overlooking Radnor Lake, I've had to resort to building an herb garden on one of my decks. I love the scent of fresh mint.

Everything is white in your home – how do you keep it so clean? Do you want to bring in color in the future, or do you love the all-white look?

The answer to the first question is simple: OxiClean! Secondly, we do have splashes of red here and there in our furniture and art pieces, but we really love the simple scheme and tranquility of the white palette. It's like living in a spa.

In the home video, it mentions you and your husband like to play guitars. How many do you play/have?

We have his-and-hers acoustic guitars (my husband is a multi-instrument musician and I was a songwriter at one time), one electric guitar, a bass, keyboard and a PA set up in the basement. My husband's drums, however, are kept at an undisclosed location, far from my 2-year-old's sight!

What are your favorite colors, fabrics, shapes?

I love clean looks and lines. Soft gray and white dominate the interior of our home and my wardrobe. My furniture is all modular and modern, including my gigantic 76-inch circular Italian dining room table from Moda. As far as fabrics go, I love suede.

Where do you like to shop for home-related products?

I am so busy most of the time, I usually order things online. Although Restoration Hardware is nearby, and we never pass up a chance to visit West Elm. I'm also a Container Store addict! The more containers the better!

Your closet looks very organized, yet your husband's looks like it needs some work! Do you plan to redo his closet? Have any tips to share?

Oh, my poor husband! As my shoe collection has grown, his closet space has suffered mightily. Yes, we have an architect drawing up an expansion plan on our loft area that includes JT's very own closet to do with whatever he wishes. I am picturing all of those size 13 shoes stored neatly in a row, which will be heavenly.

What was something special about your home that we see in the series?

I know that JT and I have a very important conversation over dinner on our beautifully lit back deck, during a perfect summer night. Japanese lanterns, floating candles and an impeccable table setting made that night look even more magical than it already was!

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