At Home With Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones' Home in Wilmington, N.C.

Orlando Jones photo by: FOX Image Collection/Getty Images Sleepy Hollow actor Orlando Jones and his gorgeous home in Wilmington, N.C.

The Internet is simply in love with actor, writer and producer Orlando Jones – especially after his epic “SuperSleepy” tweet. You can check him out in Fox's new hit drama, Sleepy Hollow, which has already been picked up for a second season. Read on to find out which room on set is Orlando's favorite, and what he loves most about his beautiful home in Wilmington, N.C., which he shares with his wife Jacqueline and daughter Raquel.

What's your favorite room on set?
My favorite room on the Sleepy Hollow set is the old archives room. That place has more secrets than Victoria! Oh, the things you can hide in an underwire bra! All silliness aside, Alec Hammond and Denny Dugally, our set designers, have done a remarkable job bringing the world of Sleepy Hollow to life. It's hard to remember that these are just sets when you're in them.

What do you do to make your trailer feel more homey?
Taking my dog, Cowboy, to set with me makes me feel more at home. He's a super-happy Welsh corgi and he loves kissing up to the ADs [assistant directors] on set. And I keep a cashmere blanket in my trailer for when I need to catch a quick nap between scenes.

Your home is beautiful. What drew you to it?
When I got the call to come film Sleepy Hollow, my family and I had been living in Los Angeles. I wanted to give my wife and daughter the full Southern experience; I was born in Alabama and raised in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, so I found this home in the Wilmington historical district. Almost all the homes in our neighborhood are over 100 years old, and the red brick streets are lined with huge maple and magnolia trees. Horse-drawn carriages ride down our street every day. You can't find that in L.A.!

The kitchen is Jones’ favorite room in the home. “I love that the extra-high, 11-foot ceilings ensure that even when the kitchen is packed with family and friends, the room never feels crowded,” he says.

What's your favorite room in the house?
That's easy – the kitchen! That’s where everyone hangs out. People always want to be where the food is, especially if I'm making my famous vegan grits. Seriously, I can make you fall in love with me if you taste my grits. They're that good!

What are some of your favorite features in the room?
I love that the extra-high, 11-foot ceilings ensure that even when the kitchen is packed with family and friends, the room never feels crowded. Also, the warming drawer is fantastic. When I'm on set all day and don't know when I'll be home, my wife can stash a meal in the warming drawer. Even if I get home at 3 a.m., I've got a tasty dinner waiting for me and maybe another hungry actor I've brought back from set. There's nothing like a warm, home-cooked meal after a long day!

How does this room make you feel at home?
People love to congregate around the food, and I love being where the people are. This is where my family and I catch up on the day together, and where we hang out with our friends who are coming by for a bite and some conversation.

What are some of your must-have essentials at your home?
I spend a lot of time traveling, so a comfortable bed is a must. I'm kind of obsessed with the linen sheets from Restoration Hardware. They feel amazing. All of the songs on my Spotify playlist are the score to the soundtrack of my life. Last but not least, my Ninja blender keeps me well nourished with smoothies, fresh juices, soups and sauces. It's such a versatile machine and a must have for any kitchen in my humble opinion.

What are your favorite colors, fabrics, shapes?
I'm all about texture. Raw silk, linen, wool, dark woods, cashmere and 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton fabrics are my favorites. Using color and shapes to create an inviting space is always the goal. I love grays, creams and greens. 

Where do you like to shop for home products?
Diva, Bedfellows, Blueprint and flea markets around the globe. 

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