A Look at Anjelica Huston’s Luxe Pod in Venice

Photo by: Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Huston worked with interior designer Orlando Soria (pictured here) to create the room. “She has a love of classical Italian design – very ornate, beautiful, ancient objects – and that's what I went for,” he says.

Who knew iconic actress Anjelica Huston wanted to be an interior designer? In September, Huston hosted and designed a pop-up “pod” for the global property listing and booking service, Airbnb, in Venice, Calif. (See also: Molly Sims' pop-up pod at The Grove.) As part of their five-day Hello LA hospitality campaign, guests were invited to the Airbnb backyard for an outdoor dining experience with the Oscar winner.

“Airbnb called and asked if I would decorate a pod. I'm a frustrated decorator in my other life and I've never been allowed to really do something like this,” quipped Huston. “Usually, you have to buy a whole house in order to decorate it. So this is a microcosm of that with a pre-selected decorator who obeyed my every wish.”

Huston worked with interior designer Orlando Soria on her mini room. “He couldn't have been nicer to work with. I think he came up with something very nice in just a few days."

"Everything in the room she chose," acknowledged Soria. "She has a really inexplicable, genuine, eclectic character about herself, which reflects onto her aesthetic. She has a love of classical Italian design – very ornate, beautiful, ancient objects – and that's what I went for. Also, she has an incredibly feminine style; I went on a tour of her office and parts of her home and saw what she liked – things that are really intricate and beautiful. I tried to channel that into this space."

Of the vintage elements in the pod, Huston said: "I like things that have a bit of history. I wanted a Venetian chandelier, as I wanted a nod to Venice, Italy. I wanted the bedding to be seriously comfortable and luxurious. He did a very clever thing with this Balinese bed, because you just want to settle in.”

Just what would be Huston’s morning routine if she were to wake up in an antique daybed like this? “Oh, lie around and have some waking dream moments. A bed like this deserves some daydreams!”

Photo by: Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images To unveil her pop-up room, Huston hosted a Harvest Dinner in The Cook’s Garden, featuring just-picked vegetables like kale and heirloom tomatoes. The pod itself also featured eco-friendly materials and sustainable elements, such as a solar panel ceiling.

The California/French restaurant Joe’s and the Southern-inspired Willie Jane created the al fresco meal using just-picked vegetables like kale and heirloom tomatoes. Both restaurants lease space in the vacant-lot-turned-garden between them called The Cooks Garden, which is run by gardening veteran Geri Miller and her company Home Grown Edible Landscapes.

“Farm-fresh vegetables are amazing,” enthused Huston. “We are just sort of rediscovering fresh vegetables in America. I love going to the farmer’s market here, and I also have a farm up north in a town called Three Rivers. While we've had a terrible drought up there, I try to grow everything that will grow there – corn, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.”

“When I talked to Anjelica, she said that she absolutely loved the garden and felt it was a very special place for the community,” noted Miller, who promotes the hyper-locavore approach, connecting with local restaurants to grow the produce they prepare. HGEL plans to bring the Venice “pop-up farm” prototype to vacant lots in other active restaurant and retail locations all over Los Angeles. Each location will also offer a retail nursery and an outdoor classroom for community “edible education,” featuring topics from composting to food preserving to growing food organically at home. 

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