6 Curb Appeal Tips From John Gidding

The architect, designer and host of HGTV’s Curb Appeal and Curb Appeal: The Block shares easy ways to spruce up your home’s façade and landscaping.

John Gidding

Photo © 2011, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved Read on to find out Curb Appeal: The Block host John Gidding's top curb appeal tips.

Draw attention to the front door.

John says: “If you’ve got one bold color on your home, it should definitely be on your front door. Why not orange for a green home, or purple for a gray one? If you step out of your comfort zone, people will take notice and be drawn to the entrance of your home.” Watch the video below for more of John’s front door design ideas.
John Gidding shares some ideas for giving a front door a new look.

Use potted plants to dress up your entryway.

John says: “For a more formal approach, a consistent set of pots works great. But for a more casual look, a variety of sizes and shapes works very well.” Watch the video below for more of John’s entryway design tips.
John Gidding has tips on using potted plants to create an appealing entry.

Add simple architectural details to enhance your façade.

John says: “Just remember to stay within the style of your home. Brackets and corbels are a great way to add character to a more traditional façade; if you have more Spanish or Mediterranean influences, consider installing a medallion or simple metal details like a flower box. All these items are inexpensive and easy to install.” Watch the video below for more tips from John on enhancing your home’s façade.
John Gidding shares tips on enhancing a home's facade.

Use native plants for a low-maintenance yard.

John says: “They thrive in their natural environment and have developed defenses against freezing, drought, and have no need for chemical pesticides or fertilizers. If you want to know which plants are native to your area, go to your local nursery. They’ll show you exactly how to create a beautiful front yard that’s colorful year round and low maintenance.” Watch the video below for more of John’s landscape tips for curb appeal.
John Gidding shares tips on foundation planting to improve a home's facade.

Don’t forget the garage door.

John says: “Garage doors can take up a large expanse of your home’s façade, and if they’re in bad shape, they can really bring down the look of your home. Paint your door a darker shade of the house color, and if your door has panel details, highlight them with a darker shade that complements your house and brings depth to your façade.” Watch the video below for more of John's garage and shutter design ideas.
John Gidding gives design ideas for a garage and shutters.

Dress up your driveway and pathways.

John says: “Concrete driveways and pathways can seem cold and uninviting, but they don’t have to be. For existing concrete hardscapes, consider applying a stain or masonry paint. They’re available in a variety of colors to complement your home, and they’ll soften the look of the surface.” Watch the video below for more deck and driveway ideas from John.
John Gidding gives deck and driveway stain ideas.

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