4 Travel Channel Stars Talk Home, Souvenirs and Staycations

Samantha Brown, Todd Carmichael, Bert Kreischer and Don Wildman tell us how they maintain a sense of home while on the road, where they display their travel keepsakes and how they like to staycation.

Want to plan your next vacation? You might want to check out the Travel and Adventure Show, the longest-running series of consumer travel events in the United States. Held in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Dallas, the shows are popular with thousands of participants who are interested in talking to experts about exotic destinations around the world. Featured speakers at the shows included Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown, Todd Carmichael, Bert Kreischer and Don Wildman. While these hosts are always on the go, they almost always manage to create a bit of home wherever they hang their hats!

Samantha Brown

Travel Channel host Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown

Host of Travel Channel’s Passport to Europe, Samantha Brown's Asia and Great Weekends

How She Makes a Hotel Room Feel More Like Home: “I’ll bring my own tea cup and make tea every morning in my hotel room. Brewing a hot cup of tea starts my day when I’m home, and that simple act has a way of setting me right for the rest of the day.” 

Where She Displays Her Travel Keepsakes: “They are totally integrated into my home: a lot of paintings on the walls, small sculptures on top of shelves, even my bathroom has a mosaic from Venice made by the famous Orsoni family. It’s funny when I travel; I miss my home so much it almost becomes a person: I think, ‘My home will really like this.’ Most of my items have a strong emotional resonance where I met the artist or creator and get to bring something back to remind me of that personal connection — everything from a beautiful painting to a bottle of wine from the winemaker. When I was in Spain, I got to tour the LLadro Factory and meet the artists. It happened to be a day when I received some very bad news, and they noticed I was having a hard time. At the end of the day, the artist gave me a just-finished figurine of a woman affectionately cradling a bunch of oranges. That was 10 years ago, and today it still makes me smile knowing the kindness I received.” 

Her Pre-Trip Rituals: “The night before a trip, my bed becomes the staging area with four ‘plots.’ I lay out pants, tops and dresses in the first two squares. Beauty ritual items like make-up, a curling iron and a brush in the upper left, and all my electronics and their chargers in the upper right hand corner. Then I get my check list to make sure I have it all. Then and only then do I pack the bag and get to go to bed!”

Her Ideal Staycation: “Personally I think a staycation is hard since your home is where the dishes and the bills are and the 14 other things on your to-do list. It’s tough to be in a vacation mode with so many things to do! But if you have a week off and are staying home, I would spend the first day or two just accomplishing those nagging tasks that when done, would allow me to chill out the rest of the time.” 

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