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Skip Bedell and Adam Carolla Star in Catch a Contractor
Contractor Skip Bedell in Catch a Contractor
Skip Bedell and Adam Carolla in Catch a Contractor
Irvine Backyard Before
Irvine Backyard After
Before, During and After
Huntington Beach Patio With Wall of Floating Windows
Corona Del Mar Deck Before
Corona Del Mar Deck After
Irvine Outdoor Kitchen
  • Atlanta Interior Designers

    Published 04/25/14 in Places

    Even if you're able to make a room look great on your own, there are times when you need to call in a professional interior designer. Atlanta's got plenty of great ones that can help you make a…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Home Remodeling

    Published 04/25/14 in Places

    We here at HGTV FrontDoor know a thing or two about Atlanta home remodeling. Contrary to popular belief, however, not everyone on staff can operate power tools and knock down walls like Jonathan…   Read the Article

  • If you're going for an Atlanta remodel or a full-on build from the ground up, there are lots of home design professionals available to you. Who you hire ultimately depends on the style of your…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Home Builders

    Published 04/25/14 in Places

    If you're interested in building a custom home in Atlanta, you have several construction companies to choose from. We've researched a list of several top ones; you can see our recommendations…   Read the Article

  • Contractor Skip Bedell in Catch a Contractor

    Renovations are stressful events when things go right, so imagine how it must feel when things go horribly wrong — specifically, if your contractor turns out to be a bad apple. That’s the premise of…   Read the Blog

  • Huntington Beach Patio With Wall of Floating Windows

    Walls of floating windows with multi-level floors and blue skies overhead … sound like a dreamscape, or perhaps something from a Magritte painting? They’re actually real design elements in the…   Read the Article

  • Huntington Beach Patio With Wall of Floating Windows

    You won't believe how one woman can turn a dull patio or porch into a beautiful "outdoor oasis" with a little redwood and a lot of landscaping and creativity.   See the Gallery

  • The Duchess of Decks and Her Dog

    With the help of her French Bulldog Petey, Claudia Schmutzler of Windsor Decks and Gardens takes Southern California backyards from pits to palaces.    See the Image

  • Don't Dream It. Be It.

    We live in the age of Pinterest, where the design-obsessed can create boards devoted to their dream homes, and the age of the Maker Faire can-do spirit. Yet the journey from fantasy to reality…   Read the Article

  • "Before" Room

    Here's how the flow goes when you never have to shake hands with your designer.   See the Gallery