• Remember that not-quite-championship display last fall when the big auction date for Michael Jordan's $29 million, 9-bedroom, 15-bath Highland Park estate ended in confusion and a total of zero…   Read the Blog

  • Michael Jordan's Ex-Wife selling the couple's luxury Chicago Gold Coast penthouse.   See the Gallery

  • Quinn: Washington, D.C., Homes for the Characters of 'Scandal'

    This two-bedroom loft space in Adams Morgan is a good match for Quinn, who's sweet on the outside but raw on the inside. At first glance, the 1,350-square-foot condo appears sunny and conventional.…   See the Image

  • Jake: Washington, D.C., Homes for the Characters of 'Scandal'

    Now that he's head of B613, Jake seems destined for a life of solitude — which means a one-bedroom would suit him just fine. This sleek contemporary condo in Arlington, Va., is manly and minimal.…   See the Image

  • Huck: Washington, D.C., Homes for the Characters of 'Scandal'

    This loft space is a bit too polished for Huck, but if you dress down the decor it's actually a great match. The industrial vibe suits Huck's raw nature, and the lofted room would make a great lair:…   See the Image

  • Harrison: Washington, D.C., Homes for the Characters of 'Scandal'

    You can tell from the way he dresses that Harrison probably has a swank pad. This four-bedroom condo seems appropriately swank. Decked out in a grey, masculine color palette, the condo boasts a…   See the Image

  • David Rosen: Washington, D.C., Homes for the Characters of 'Scandal'

    This three-bedroom condo is modest and sensible enough for U.S. Attorney of D.C., but stylish enough to impress lady visitors like Abby. Recently renovated, the home boasts hardwood floors, exposed…   See the Image

  • Abby: Washington, D.C., Homes for the Characters of 'Scandal'

    Ever since the start of Season 3, Abby has been sporting a newer, sexier and sleeker look. This brand-new luxury condo, right on the Potomac, is a perfect accessory to that look. The…   See the Image

  • Kelly Ripa's Soho Penthouse

    After a couple of years of "quietly shopping" her Soho penthouse, Kelly Ripa officially put her sprawling duplex on the market last month. Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos are listing their 76 Crosby…   Read the Blog

  • Kelly Ripa's Soho Penthouse

    Published 02/21/14 in Celebrity
    Kelly Ripa's Soho Penthouse

    Kelly Ripa is selling her Soho penthouse for $24.5 million. The living room is graced by a striking staircase and two-story Balinese-influenced wall.   See the Image