Comedians and Their Homes

  • What would look better standing in the corner of your office than Stan Laurel's golf clubs from the movie Should Married Men Go Home? (Estimated selling price: $2,000-$4,000)   See the Image

  • A Gag Sheet From the Stan Laurel Collection

    Laurel and Hardy original scripts, gag sheets and personal scrapbooks, at various estimated prices, will be up for bid at the Julien's Auction on Nov. 9.   See the Image

  • Stan Laurel's Straw Bowler Hat

    Imagine how great your hat rack would look with the very recognizable Stan Laurel Straw Boater hat from the film Lucky Dog hanging there. It's estimated to go for $6,000-$8,000 at the auction held…   See the Image

  • Oh Say, You Can't See

    Published 10/17/13 in Celebrity
    Oh Say, You Can't See

    Also up for auction by Julien's: a set of Laurel & Hardy prop binoculars, that are estimated to sell for between $2,000-$4,000.       See the Image

  • Bird's-Eye View of Bob Hope's Estate

    “We live in Toluca Lake — you should drop in sometime,” Bob Hope was fond of quipping. Now you can do more than that — you can actually move in. But it would help if you have $27,500,000 to…   Read the Article

  • Bird's-Eye View of Bob Hope's Estate

    The Toluca Lake estate of Bob and Dolores Hope sits on remarkable five-acre, park-like grounds that are studio-close, family friendly and elegantly appointed for entertaining.   See the Gallery

  • Bird's-Eye View of Bob Hope's Estate

    This aerial view of Bob Hope's Toluca Lake estate gives you an idea of the expansive gardens, rolling lawns, 15,000-square-foot main house, guesthouse, servants' quarters, motor court and all the…   See the Image

  • Where Countless Jokes Were Created

    Imagine the jokes that were written on that desk in Bob Hope's cozy study/library.    See the Image

  • Bob Hope's Backyard

    Published 09/30/13 in Celebrity
    Bob Hope's Backyard

    With that stunning view of the nearby mountains, it's hard to believe that this Toluca Lake estate is only minutes away from major studios like Disney and Warner Bros.   See the Image

  • Bob Hope's Toluca Lake Living Room

    Believe it or not, this is but one small part of Bob Hope's vast formal living room that features a large stone fireplace, a full bar and walls of glass overlooking the grounds.   See the Image